Satin-Drenched Dreams

Satin-Drenched Dreams

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Champagne-colored satin, a connection with a long-time crush, and a warm bed with rumpled sheets are the perfect ingredients for one pleasurable pajama party.

“Nice nighties!”

The champagne-colored satin pajamas would have been perfect for a slumber party, or possibly for a trip to one of those fancy spas where rich ladies go to reboot. However, the pajamas were absolutely, 100 percent inappropriate for a fiesta in my apartment. I’d wandered out of my bedroom wearing the pj’s and yawning — coming awake to a stranger complimenting me on my nightwear. That’s when I remembered that Felicity, my roommate, was holding a bash — I’d pulled an all-nighter and had overslept. In fact, I had slept so hard, even the throbbing bass of the rock music hadn’t woken me up.

I rubbed my eyes. The pajamas had been a gift to myself for making it through my first month at my new job. A job in which red-eye flights from one coast to the other had effectively messed up my internal clock to the point where I didn’t know if I was eating breakfast or dinner.

“You look like one of those old-fashioned movie stars,” said Felicity kindly as she walked past me, a glass of bubbly in her hand. I snagged the flute from her and took a sip. I wondered if that’s what everyone was going to say. I needed to splash cold water on my face, to put on fresh clothes, to wake the fuck up and join the party.

“Nice pj’s,” came an unexpected voice from behind me. I spun and saw one of Felicity’s coworkers admiring me. The expression on her face made me pause. Perhaps I wouldn’t rush to change.

Betty stroked her fingertips along the edge of my shoulder and down my arm. “These are truly luxurious,” she said. I looked into her stunning blue eyes. We’d flirted at various social events in the past, but we’d never acted on the obvious attraction. Something about seeing her in party clothes while I was wearing my pajamas made me extra aroused. Her blonde hair was pinned up, and she had on a rose-colored sundress with bare sleeves and a ribbon at the waist. The fabric was silken, not transparent, but clingy in all the right places. I took Betty by the hand and led her back to my bedroom and shut the door.

“I’ve never been a real party person,” I told her by way of explanation. I tried to fix my messy hair, but gave up quickly. The curls would do what they wanted.

“Me neither.” She sat down immediately on my bed, clearly not disturbed by my rumpled sheets. “I only came for you.”

The way she said those words held my attention. I could tell she meant the statement in more than one manner, and I took a chance and said, “I hope you come for me over and over again.”

There it was — that white-hot vibration between us. We both continued to appraise one another. Then she giggled and motioned for my glass. I handed her the champagne I’d stolen from Felicity, and she took a sip and smiled at me, obviously waiting for me to continue.

“I’ve always preferred one-on-one to a big crowd,” I said, sitting next to her on the bed.

“I’m like that, too,” she replied, and she handed me back the glass. We shared the champagne sip for sip, and when we reached the bottom, she set the flute on my bedside table and reached for me. Now we were sipping from each other instead of the bubbly. Her lips were soft and glossed in pale pink to match her dress. I savored every kiss. As the two of us made out, I stroked her through her simple sundress. I let my hands cradle her breasts, and I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. That made me wonder what else she might have left at home. I pushed her back against my pillows and slowly slid the hem of her dress up to her waist.

Oh, look at that.

She didn’t have knickers on either. I got between her legs and began to kiss her naked pussy.

Somehow the whole thing felt like a dream. Maybe it was because the sheets were still warm from my body. Maybe it was because I had spent nearly the whole day slumbering. Whatever the reason, I floated along as I kissed her split, learning the different moves she seemed to like best. She moaned softly when I spread open her nether lips. Then I paused for a moment to admire the beauty of her perfect snatch, the gradations of lighter to darker pink, the way she was all dew-dropped with desire.

“Kiss me down there, Morgan,” she begged breathlessly. “Please!”

I was torn. Part of me wanted to go slow and take my time, to really savor every moment of our first encounter. I’d been fantasizing about fucking Betty for longer than I could remember. But the other part of me, the raging beast of horniness, wanted to do nothing more than make every last one of Betty’s fantasies come true.

“I’ve wanted to dine on you since we first met,” I confessed, and I pressed my face to her honeyed split and began to lick. Betty raised her hips to seal her font to my mouth. I slid my hands underneath her, scooping her asscheeks in my palms. She moaned louder, and I was grateful that Felicity still had music blaring in the other room. Hopefully, our noises would be mostly muffled.

“Me, too,” Betty purred. “Ever since that picnic. I saw you licking a candy apple, and I wanted your tongue on me. I’d never been jealous of fruit before.”

I would have smiled if my mouth hadn’t been so busy. I recalled that moment, too. There’d been a company outing for Felicity’s firm. My roommate had taken me along since she hadn’t been able to find a proper date. I’d spent the entire picnic mooning around Betty, watching her in her checkered gingham dress, noting her long, lean legs and her cork-heeled sandals. She’d been a summertime dream come true, and I’d had to stop myself from doing something wildly inappropriate, like dragging her into the woods with me, pulling down her panties, and finger-fucking her against a big redwood tree. Not that the idea hadn’t occurred to me and made me dripping-wet in my jeans.

Now that we’d equally acknowledged our mutual interest, I remembered that desire. I corkscrewed two fingers and slid them into Betty’s pussy. The flaxen-blonde let loose with a guttural moan that thrilled me to my core. She had such a kittenesque quality to her. She didn’t look capable of moaning that deeply. I worked with my mouth and fingers in tandem until she cried out, “Oh, oh! I’m coming. I’m coming, Morgan!”

All bets were off. I sucked her clit hard all the way through her climax, sparking a series of reactions inside her, multiple tiny fireworks that went off one after the other until Betty lay back, loose and demolished by pleasure. Luckily, she only needed a brief respite to catch her breath. Then she was on me, moving me so that I was in her place and she was between my legs. While I watched in awe, she removed her dress and tossed the bit of fabric to the floor. She was naked now, and if I’d been male, my cock would have been at full mast.

That gave me an idea.

While she watched, curiously, I leaned over and snagged my favorite sex toy from the top drawer of my nightstand. I’d never used a sex toy with a partner so soon in our relationship, but this night had a mystical, magical feeling about it. Perhaps it was the fact that I was in my pajamas, or the fact that I’d fantasized about Betty for so long. Whatever the reason, I gave in to my urges and fisted the dildo.

“Oooh,” she sighed. “Let me see that.”

“Don’t you mean, let you feel that?”

“I don’t know what I mean,” she said, grabbing the purple dildo from my hand. She ran the tip of the toy along her flat stomach toward her slippery pussy, but before she could insert her new violet friend, I snatched it back.

“Check this out,” I told her, flipping the switch on the base.

Oh, sweet lord, I thought. She’s going to play with my asshole, again. At least, I hoped so.

I could tell when she heard the engine rumbling that she wanted the toy even more. But I didn’t hand it back. Instead, I stayed in charge, and I began to ever so slowly run the tip of the vibrating toy up and down Betty’s pussy lips. She settled herself deep into my pillows, looking positively euphoric as I gently teased her opening. Then I told her to part her lips for me, and I introduced her more forcefully to my pretty, plastic playmate.

Betty’s hips began to beat rhythmically against my sheets. She was growing more excited by the second. I slid the dildo deeper inside her, and she started to sigh. I wondered if the rest of the partiers might overhear us. I didn’t really care, but I didn’t want to ruin Felicity’s night either.

Luckily, Betty had a plan that worked for both of us.

“Take off your bottoms,” she begged, her voice a rumbling baritone. I stopped what I was doing long enough to follow her command. “Your panties, too,” she added, and I could feel her eyes on me, drinking me in. I kept the top of my pajama set on, because she hadn’t asked me to completely disrobe. Then she motioned for me to join her on the bed, and this time we were in a sixty-nine. So this was the way she would stifle her moans, with her mouth pressed firmly against my sopping wet pussy. That worked for me just fine.

I resumed my attention to her sweet snatch as Betty got better acquainted with my own nether regions. I dipped the tip of the toy in and out of her juicy split, knowing how I like to use the dildo on myself and employing the same tricks on Betty. She let her tongue rap against my clit in a delightful pattern. I nuzzled her thigh as I drove the toy back inside her to the hilt. She nipped at my clit and let one hand cradle my ass.

As she licked and sucked my clit, her fingertips began to slide along the crack of my ass. The pleasure was instantaneous. I love having my asshole stimulated in tandem to my clit. Betty seemed to understand this instinctively. I was impressed that she could keep up her rhythm and cadence even while I took her to a second climax with my treasured toy. She only paused in her efforts for a moment, her entire body wracked with vibrations as the swell of elation flooded through her.

Then she pushed me off her body and began to really get down to business. I could see a whole new look of focus in her eyes.

“Let me have the dildo,” she said.

I handed over the sticky toy.

“Lick the juices off,” she ordered.

My eyes on her, I slowly licked the dildo clean — and I mean clean. I didn’t leave a single drop of her ambrosia anywhere on the toy. She tasted delicious. Betty gave me a half smile as I worked, and she thrust her fingers of one hand in and out of my pussy, preparing me for the next event.

“Now… ” she said, holding out her free hand.

I put the toy in her palm. In seconds, she had the dildo to the hilt inside my cunt, and she had the engine turned on to the very highest level. I thought I might spontaneously combust. The excitement was almost too much for me to take. Then Betty said something unexpected.

“Roll over,” she told me.

Oh, sweet lord, I thought. She’s going to play with my asshole, again. At least, I hoped so.

“Fuck yourself,” she said, handing over control of the device. I took over, thrusting the toy in and out of my swollen pussy. Betty got behind me, and she parted my asscheeks and began to rim me. I saw bright lights behind my shut lids. I saw stars gleaming on a midnight sky. I was so turned on I could hardly move my arm. Luckily, the toy did most of the work. That and Betty’s tongue as she resumed her position, nibbling on the ring of my ass almost as if it was my pussy. She seemed to have no inhibitions when it came to ass-play. She tongue-fucked me, and then she used one of her fingers to stroke in and out of my tiny opening, working in time to the way I was fucking myself with my vibrator. I came in a rush, crying into the pillows, pulling the toy from my pussy and turning it off before collapsing on my mattress.

I gripped and released with my inner muscles, practically swooning with desire.

“That was so good,” I said, looking at Betty in a complete daze.

“You think so?” she asked. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

She excused herself to go and use my adjoining bathroom. I heard her washing up, and then she returned, still totally naked with her hair down around her shoulders, and said bluntly, “I want you on your hands and knees.”

I got into position immediately. I realized I’d do anything she said. It had been a long time since I’d been with a partner I was so in tune with. Our chemistry was remarkable. Just the look in her eyes made me want to come.

When she smacked me on the ass, I turned to stare at her in wonder. Why hadn’t I realized she was kinky? Maybe because she possessed this aura of refined goodness. She had always been so genteel. Now she had her hair down — literally and figuratively. I was witnessing a transformation: From Betty the perfect model of composure to Betty the animal in heat.

She smacked me again, and I squealed with pleasure. Of course, that was the precise moment that the songs changed on Felicity’s stereo. I guessed that everyone at the party had heard my noises. It felt like a year of silence before the next song started up, but I knew only a few seconds had passed. I lowered my head as Betty gripped my hips and pressed her pussy against me.

Oh, I wanted her to fuck me. I wanted her to slide something hard and long inside me and…

Then I felt the sensation I desired. She’d grabbed the discarded vibrator and was now fucking me with it once more but in this new position. I closed my eyes and pressed back. She opened me like a flower and thrust the synthetic dick inside me as deep as the toy would go. I whimpered as she worked me. She seemed to understand precisely how I needed her to touch me — with firm steady strokes, no pussyfooting. When I could handle the heat no longer, I put one hand between my legs and started to strum my clit.

Betty immediately smacked me on the ass again. My fingers froze.

“I’ll tell you when you can come,” she said.

There was ice in her voice. I found myself growing even more turned on by this new situation.

“Now you tell me what you like.”

“What do you mean?” I whispered.

“Tell me what you think about when you get off. Tell me one of your fantasies.”

Feeling shy, I was thankful to be facing away from her as I said, “You already know.”

“Tell me,” she insisted.

“I like having my asshole played with,” I said.

“When you come to my house,” Betty said, panting, “I’m going to ream this sweet, little asshole for you with my strap-on.”

“Oh, Jeez… ”

“I’ll get you so lubed up. Slippery wet. I’ll pour a whole bottle of lube over your hole. And then I’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.”

I was liquefied by her words, turned into a puddle of molten lust, but then I said hesitantly, “You don’t have to wait.”

She grabbed my hair and pulled so that I was looking back at her over my shoulder. “What do you mean?”

I swallowed hard. “I have a strap-on.”

That made her smile. “Of course, you do,” she said, as if surprised the thought hadn’t occurred to her before. “Why don’t you show me where you keep your toys?”

I reached under the bed and brought out the floral-covered shoebox. Betty pawed through the collection until she came up with a strap-on and harness. It had been an unhappy hiatus since I’d last had a lover outside of the battery-operated variety. Watching her attach the toy to the harness and strap herself in was almost enough to get me off again. The visual was so overpowering. Then she said, “Lube?” and I trembled all over. She was going to do exactly what she’d promised. But the fabulous thing was: I didn’t have to wait.

I hurried to the bathroom and grabbed the bottle of lube. When I returned to the bedroom, I peeled off my pajama top. Now we were both naked — save for the harness and dildo that Betty sported.

She beckoned me forward and then bent me over the bed. I felt her oil me up with the lube, and I fisted the sheets in both hands. I was right on the verge of coming when she entered my pussy with the dildo. She held on to my hips as she pushed inside me. I couldn’t help myself. I moaned with every thrust, no longer caring or worrying if the partiers would hear me.

Betty let me grow accustomed to the speed and rhythm of her motions. Then she said, “Are you ready?”

Betty didn’t stop fucking me until I was completely spent, drained of every bit of emotion.

“Oh, yes.”

“Beg me.”

“Fuck my ass,” I murmured.

“Louder,” she insisted.

“Please fuck my ass, Betty!” I begged desperately.

She pulled out of my pussy and pressed the head of the dildo against my tight rosebud. Except, it wasn’t so tight since she’d been priming me. Before entering, she added even more lube, so that my rear felt slicked to the max with the greasy liquid. Then she held my hips and pushed forward. My ass seemed to embrace the sex toy. I gripped and released with my inner muscles, practically swooning with desire.

Betty said, “Do you think you can come from this alone?”

Without a word, I nodded my head quickly. I could. I knew I could.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes,” I crooned. “If you keep fucking my ass like that, I’ll come in no time.”

Betty seemed to appreciate that. She thrust into me, then held me steady and rotated her hips. The dildo touched me deep inside. I felt as if I might start crying from the pleasure. She was making me feel almost too good. I realized that I was holding on to the top of my pajamas, running the satin fabric through my fingers. The sensation was intense. Even more so, when Betty took the pajama top from me and brought it against my clit. Ever so slowly, she polished my clit with the smooth, nearly glossy fabric. Although I hadn’t lied — I would have come from the ass-fucking alone — the combination of sensations took me over the edge.

I cried out as I climaxed. Betty didn’t stop fucking me until I was completely spent, drained of every bit of emotion. Then she unstrapped the harness and discarded the dildo. I didn’t have to be told what to do. I moved into position to lick her clit fiercely until she came again, too.

Betty’s invited me over for a sexy slumber party at her house next weekend. That way we won’t have to worry about making too much noise. I accepted, and I’m planning on packing a suitcase filled only with my favorite toys — and two pairs of satin pajamas!