Randy Roommates

Randy Roommates

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When two kittenish roommates go dateless, they end up learning how to please each other in an erotic explosion of bisexual lovemaking.

Theresa and I were roommates during my junior year in college. We lived in an apartment building near campus that rented inexpensive rooms to students. The setup offered us more freedom and privacy than the dorms. We each had our own bedroom, which was perfect if either of us wanted some alone time with a guy. That wasn’t a common occurrence, though, and we spent most of our time studying. But if neither of us had dates on Friday nights, we’d curl up in one of our beds, watching movies together until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. For a long while, our relationship remained chaste but affectionate. However, I’ll admit I secretly longed for something more.

Theresa’s shorter than I am, and glamorously blonde. I’d seen her naked, of course, and always thought she had a lovely body. She wore tailored, feminine clothing to class, but at home she was rarely clad in more than a bra and panties — and in the warmer months, just panties. She had beautiful, voluptuous breasts with pale pink nipples, and more than once I’d caught myself stealing looks, admiring the way her tits jiggled whenever she moved.

On many Saturday mornings, I’d wake with her snuggled against me and find it impossible to get back to sleep. I’d start wondering what might happen if I put my hand on her breast, cuddling her from behind as my own breasts pressed against her back. I thought about what it would feel like to put my hand between her legs, run my fingers through her pubic hair, tease her slit with my fingertips until her passion made everything nice and slippery.

Well, on one particular morning I found out. I woke with Theresa sleeping naked in my bed and felt such uncontainable lust that my nipples stiffened against my t-shirt. I teased my breasts with my fingertips, pinching them through the thin cotton with my eyes half closed. I was so aroused; I couldn’t resist sliding a hand down to caress myself through my panties.

After a few minutes, fingers slipped under the crotch of my panties to tease my naked pussy, only the fingers weren’t mine. Theresa’s breath was hot against my neck. With a moan I turned toward her, and our lips touched. Our kisses quickly grew passionate, and I gasped. She smelled delicious, her mouth tasting sweet and sugary from the remnants of her lip gloss. I cupped the back of her head, tangling my fingers in her hair as we kissed, then I pulled back, stroking her face as I gazed into her eyes. Her fingers were just touching my pubic hair. I tried to push up toward her for more contact, but she pulled away. “Such an impatient thing,” she whispered. We kissed greedily, her fingers brushing against my pussy more directly in a blatant tease. “Is it okay? Do you want me to stop?”

I pulled her close to me, my voice trembling. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

Theresa’s movements were fluid and feline, and she shimmied her way down my body just a bit. Her deft hands raised my t-shirt, her hungry mouth devouring my breasts. “God, they’re lovely!” she murmured. “Your nipples are so hard.”

I was flush with heat from Theresa’s expert touch. Her mouth explored my breasts while her hand stayed between my legs. Her fingers played beneath the crotch of my panties, running gently over the lips of my pussy. I was breathless, and then she started kissing her way down my belly.

I couldn’t believe she was going this far, but I was much too excited to even consider stopping her. Squeezing the crotch of my panties into a narrow band of fabric, Theresa stretched it over my moistening slit and licked the outer lips of my pussy that were exposed on either side. Desperate to be naked, I yanked off my t-shirt and tossed it on the floor. Theresa smiled, placed a fingertip directly over my slit, and then ran it up and down the length of my cunt.

Finally, Theresa pulled the panties aside, completely exposing my sex. She ran her tongue along each little crevasse between the inner and outer lips, pausing every so often to suck my clit into her mouth. Everything she did felt exquisite, and she smiled at me when I moaned. When she started flicking her tongue over my clit, my moans grew even louder.

With my pussy spread, she began poking her tongue into my wet cunt. “Oh, yeah,” I gasped as she thrust her tongue in and out of me. My hips were writhing sensuously, and I was approaching orgasm when Theresa pulled away to slide off my panties. I groaned with disappointment, but I knew she wasn’t going to leave me hanging. Now totally naked, I spread my legs wide, and she crawled up to kiss me some more, continuing to tease my pussy lips with her fingers. She had a very light touch that kept me on the edge of orgasm. I love men, but none had ever made love to me with such expertise!

Diving back down between my legs, she spread my petals with her fingers and began tonguing my slit and teasing my clit. She did this over and over in some crazy rhythm I couldn’t follow, nudging me closer and closer to satisfaction while continuing to deny me the ultimate pleasure.

She looked up at me playfully. “I guess I’m going to have to let you come before we can go any further. Do you want to go further?”

“Oh, God — yes!”

“Okay. Better hold on, because this is going to get real good, real fast.”

She parted my pussy lips and drew circles against my clit. I was having a hard time staying still, and I leaned up on my elbows to watch her play with me.

Her rhythm on my clit increased slightly, and she began probing me deeply with the fingers of her free hand. Before long, I felt like a train barreling toward the edge of a cliff. Theresa checked her tempo to stretch out my pleasure. It was like falling in slow motion. She leaned forward and began flicking her tongue against my clit. There was no stopping me now, and she covered my clit with her mouth and sucked hard. My hips bucked toward her, and I climaxed, crying out loudly.

Theresa rose and kissed me. Her lips were slick and soft and tasted like me.

“You’re very passionate, Claire. Is this your first time with a girl?”

Still trembling from my orgasm, I nodded.

“Well,” she said, kissing my neck, “let’s play a game. Let’s see how many times I can make you come in, say, thirty minutes. Sound like fun?”

She ran her tongue along each little crevasse between the inner and outer lips, pausing every so often to suck my clit into her mouth.

I smiled and accepted her challenge. Theresa’s hand was still on my sticky sex, and I didn’t want her to take it away. I’d never known anyone could have such a natural instinct for what made me feel good. She ran a finger along my slit, and I gasped. Then she took my hand and guided it between my legs. “Play with yourself,” she urged. “I want to watch you masturbate. Go on, show me what you do.”

I was shy at first — I’d never masturbated in front of anyone before, but that’s why the act was so exciting. Theresa covered my hand with her own and began licking and sucking my breasts. My nipples are extremely sensitive, and her ministrations were shooting pleasure straight to my pussy. I began to shamelessly rub my clit. “Ooh, yes,” Theresa moaned. “Do it, Claire, play with yourself for me.”

She kneaded my breasts in her hands, squeezing them together to suck both nipples into her mouth at once. That felt incredible, and I slid a finger deep into my hole.

Inspired by my actions, Theresa moved between my thighs once more. She watched up close for a moment or two, then shooed away my hand. Pushing my knees up, she spread me wide, and ate my pussy like a woman possessed.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned. “Don’t stop — I’m coming!”

My orgasm arched my back and raised my butt right off the bed, grinding my sex against her tongue. I grunted as pleasure shook my body.

“Now we can have some real fun!” Theresa announced. “Hang on a second.” She sprang out of bed, running to her room and returning a moment later with a ribbed dildo. “Get on your hands and knees,” she instructed. “You’re going to like this.”

I’d never used a dildo before, never used anything except my hand, but I trusted Theresa implicitly. I rolled over on all fours and presented my ass to her. Theresa gave my butt a few playful slaps, followed by some love bites. Spreading the lips of my pussy, she began rubbing the dildo along my slit. I could think of nothing else but having that toy shoved inside me.

Theresa must have read my mind. She pointed the head right where I wanted it most and slipped the tip into my cunt. Then she slid the rest of the rod inside me. The dildo was as hard as marble, and the thick ribs massaged the inside of my pussy so magnificently.

Just then I felt Theresa planting kisses down my spine, her lips creeping along my asscrack. She shocked me by parting my cheeks and kissing and licking my asshole. Her tongue felt so good, I lost all sense of inhibition.

I’d never felt such intense stimulation in my life. The combination of the dildo moving in and out of my cunt and her tongue darting around my asshole had me on the verge of climax.

“Do you like this?” she asked, stopping all of her teasing.

“God, yeah!” I cried, groaning in frustration because I wanted more.

Theresa waited until I was practically begging, then began flicking her tongue back and forth directly over my asshole and fucking me with the dildo. She allowed my desire to build until my entire body was quaking. As my pleasure crested, she wiggled her tongue into my ass. My pussy spasmed as juices ran down the insides of my thighs.

“Holy shit, Claire,” Theresa teased. “Didja come?”

I couldn’t answer, collapsing onto my belly to catch my breath. I’d never climaxed like that — never even suspected that I could. Theresa straddled me and began rubbing my shoulders, then leaned forward, her breasts grazing my back. I turned to kiss her, grateful to her for helping me learn so much about my own desires.

“You liked that. I could tell.”

I confessed that I very much had.

“I’d like to try something else,” she told me. “Do you trust me?”

We both knew that I did, but I nodded anyway and she went back to her room once more to fetch a smooth yellow vibrator with a flared base and a small bottle of lube. “This is going to make you feel wonderful. Lie back and spread your legs for me.”

Theresa took the time to be gentle. She kissed her way down my belly and then focused on my clit, ringing it with her lips before rising. Then she began thrusting her finger inside me rhythmically, straddling one of my thighs and rubbing herself against me as she fucked me. As she ground herself against my leg, she leaned down to deliver hungry kisses to my lips. She broke contact with my mouth only to whimper into my neck as she came. “So beautiful,” she whispered. “You get me so hot.”

“Are you serious? You’ve given me the best orgasms of my life!”

She smiled. “Let’s see if we can go for a record.”

Theresa sat up, squeezing some of the lube onto her fingers. I was already relaxed from all our play, and she spread the slippery stuff all over my asshole before gently pushing inside me. She rolled her finger slowly, making me nice and slippery.

Theresa waited until I was practically begging, then began flicking her tongue back and forth directly over my asshole and fucking me with the dildo.

“Play with your clit, Claire — just like before.”

I reached down to toy with myself. Now it felt wonderfully freeing to masturbate in front of her. “God, you’re tight,” she murmured, withdrawing her finger. I wanted her back where she was, but I heard the hum of the vibrator and could guess where it was going. I sighed when I felt the tapered tip nudge my asshole. The buzzing felt divine, and Theresa gradually applied pressure, twisting the vibe slowly and slipping in only an inch. The toy felt large for about thirty seconds, and then being probed back there started to feel amazing.

She began sliding the vibe in and out, using tiny strokes and producing immense waves of joy. I gasped, working my clit brazenly. “So good,” I stammered.

“I’m going to put in a bit more. Let me know if it’s too much.”

“God, no, I want you to,” I moaned.

Taking pains to be careful, she pushed the vibrator a little deeper, slipping the tip of a finger into my wet pussy as well. I was lost in sensation, the rhythm of my fingers increasing on my clit, my breath coming in short little pants. Suddenly, my asshole relaxed completely, and Theresa began sliding the vibrator in and out with ease. Tiny flickers of bliss shot along the bottom wall of my cunt, bringing a symphony of pleasure from my throat. Theresa fucked me front and back, and I squealed as an orgasm ripped through me. My pussy flooded so much this time that I was sure I left a puddle on the sheets.

I took a moment to recover and then attacked Theresa, rolling on top of her and gluing my mouth to hers. I cupped her breasts, playing with her pretty pink nipples, and licking and sucking them until they were as stiff as pencil erasers. Then I began kissing down Theresa’s smooth belly to her split.

Her mound looked so sexy, covered with neatly trimmed blonde hair. I kissed her all over, breathing in her scent. I was soon drunk on her perfume, and Theresa spread her legs. Making love to me had gotten her aroused almost beyond control, and she was a live wire, ultra-responsive to my every move and touch. Her slit was already slippery with her excitement, and I licked up and down between her glossy petals.

Her breathing told me that I was doing the right thing. She was sweet to the taste, and I had a lovely time becoming familiar with her every feature, driving her crazy in the process. I moved my attention to her clit, working the hood with my fingertips and giving an occasional upward thrust with my tongue. Theresa’s growing passion was a perfect guide for my actions. Finally, I let my tongue probe her wet hole. “Oh, God,” she moaned, reaching down with both hands to spread herself for me.

I tongue-fucked her with abandon. “You’re going to make me come!” she cried out helplessly. I slid a finger inside her hot tunnel and planted my lips around her clit, and Theresa shook the bed when she came, wildly thrashing her hips and moaning.

“Talk about excitable!” I said, laughing.

“You make me so excited,” she mumbled, stretching languorously.

“Oh, yeah? Well, then let’s play a game. Let’s see how many times I can make you come in, say, thirty minutes.”

I rolled her over on all fours and ate her pussy until she came again. Then I kissed all over the cheeks of her curvy butt, slowly making my way toward the center. Theresa started squirming all over the place. “Hold still!” I scolded, giving her ass a good smack.

Theresa’s voice dropped several octaves. “Oh, yeah!” she moaned, repeating her words over and over.

“Yeah? You like that?” I gave her a few more firm slaps. My hand sounded sharp against her bare flesh, and she moaned more loudly as I spanked her. I began kissing and licking at the crack of her ass, starting at the top and moving south. Theresa moaned as I got closer and closer to her asshole. I began licking around the rim and flicking her clit with my fingers, making her come hard and fast.

I finished by rolling her over on her back and scissoring my legs with hers to grind our pussies together. Whenever I fantasized about her I’d always pictured us making love this way. Our hands clutched tightly as we moved in synchronicity, our passion cresting at the same time. Then I dove toward her mouth again, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed in celebration, both understanding that we’d broken new ground, and that this sexy interlude would be the first of many.