Watching on the Sly

Watching on the Sly

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Naughty neighbors can’t get enough of the x-rated performance by the couple next door.

Thad and I have been best friends with our next-door neighbors for years. We eat dinner with Monica and Danny almost every weekend, at their house or at ours. The boys love to watch sports and drink beer together while we girls sit in the dining room, talking over a bottle of wine. Monica and I borrow each other’s clothes, speak on the phone almost every day, and even go shopping together.

Sometimes Thad has to bring his work home with him, staying in his study until late at night. On nights like this, Monica often comes over and keeps me company, but on one particular occasion she begged off, explaining that she and Danny were tired and wanted to spend a quiet evening at home.

Dressed in an oversized t-shirt and panties, my standard eveningwear around the house, I brought some coffee up to Thad about an hour after dinner. “Thanks,” he said, kissing me. “Sorry about this, but it’s an important account.”

Feeling a bit lonely, I headed for the stairs, planning to go down and have a glass of wine. But as I glanced out the window on the landing, my eye caught movement at Monica’s place.

She and Danny had a screened-in porch in back of their house, and they must have gone out there to relax. Our neighbors were illuminated by the glow of their large-screen TV, but they weren’t watching it. They were side-by-side on the loveseat, with Danny in only his shorts, which were down around his ankles. His head was back and a look of ecstasy was on his face as Monica, who wore a thin satin robe, leaned over and sucked his cock.

Never taking my eyes from them, I let my hand fumble over to the switch to turn out the hall light. Seeing our friends in such an intimate moment was mesmerizing. From what I could gather in the dim light, Danny had a monster cock; Monica had once told me that he was well endowed, and I’d always been curious. As I watched, my friend gave him an expert blowjob, her blonde head moving up and down over his big prick.

An unexpected hand on my shoulder made me start. “Whatcha doing?” Thad asked. When he bent to see what I was looking at, he exclaimed, “Holy shit!”

I was embarrassed that Thad had caught me spying on our neighbors, but I also noticed that he wasn’t looking away. Across the fifteen feet or so that separated our house from theirs, Monica ran her tongue around the tip of Danny’s dick. The head had a wide crown, and she flicked her tongue over it before taking his cock in her mouth again. I felt Thad’s fingertips brushing over my nipples, which poked through my t-shirt. He crouched behind me to pinch them through the thin material.

“I thought you were working,” I teased.

“I’m taking a break.”

Monica stood up and whipped off her robe, revealing a body I’d always envied. The pale light of the television reflected off her flawless, milky skin, and I heard a soft gasp escape my husband as he gazed at her full breasts and delectable curves. She straddled Danny on the couch, lowering herself on his erect penis until he was up to his balls inside her.

“Oh, God,” I whispered as they started moving together. Thad’s hand was ducking under my panties, caressing my slit and putting pressure on my clit. My pussy was already wet, and he started kissing my neck as we watched our friends fucking. Monica moved up and down on Danny’s cock with purpose, deliberately slow at first, then faster as they became lost in what they were doing. Thad’s other hand ducked under my t-shirt to fondle my breasts. Beneath my panties, two of his fingers plunged into my slippery hole, making me moan.

Monica was rocking back and forth on Danny’s dick until her body arched sharply. “She’s coming,” Thad whispered to me, lowering my panties. I heard the soft rustle of his pants going down, and then he was sliding his hard cock into my cunt.

Monica practically leapt off her husband’s penis and positioned herself on the floor on all fours. Danny dropped to his knees behind her and slid his dick into her waiting snatch. Grabbing her hips, he began thrusting into her, building up steam as he neared his orgasm. Thad’s hands were on my tits, twisting the nipples as he pushed into me. I was losing control, an orgasm quaking through my entire body, and as Danny stiffened — burying himself deep in Monica’s pussy to give her a load of his passion — I felt Thad explode inside my cunt.

Whenever the subject of what we’d seen came up over the next few weeks, Thad and I would end up in bed together, locked in a lust we hadn’t known since the beginning of our marriage. This incident had a profound effect on us, bringing out an intimacy we hadn’t shared before. Seeing our neighbors having sex had made us crazy for each other.

The situation might have stopped there, except of course that Monica and I are best friends. The four of us were having dinner at their place about two months later, and Monica and I drank a good amount of wine. We headed into the kitchen to open another bottle, and sat down to talk. I don’t recall how the subject came up, but in my chatty drunkenness I confessed that Thad and I had seen them together that night. Monica’s face turned a bright crimson.

“Oh, my God, I’m so embarrassed,” she uttered.

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