Two for One

Two for One

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The key to this dominant woman’s heart is not one submissive man … but two.

There are several basic requirements that I expect to be met by my submissive boyfriend, Gregory: Punctuality. Good manners. Neatness. All of those are deal breakers for me. But I also crave something other dommes might not. I like a willful spirit. Perfection offers me nothing to work with. Occasionally, I want backtalk, an unexpected pout, even an eye roll — something I can latch on to.

Even more than that, I want surprises.

Last night, Gregory gave me the whole package.

He was a few minutes late to arrive for our date. I saw him glance at the clock on the wall when he walked in. Some dominatrices might forgive a minute or two, but not me, and Gregory knows this full well. Still he didn’t apologize, didn’t even give an excuse for his tardiness. Next, he threw his jacket toward the rack, but when the leather missed the hook, he didn’t bother to pick it up. The battered military jacket lay there on the hardwood floor.

That had me sitting a little straighter in my chair. The game was definitely on.

With purpose, he strode into the room and changed the radio station on the stereo. I’m not kidding here. He switched the seventies rock-and-roll on the dial to some horrible classical station. I couldn’t take anymore.

“Strip,” I said. “And turn off the fucking music.” What was it? Bach?

Gregory hesitated for a moment, as if he wasn’t sure how far he wanted to push me, but I saw the glint in his eyes. “You want me to be naked when we have company?”

I looked around the room, confused. Company? We didn’t have any company. As far as I knew, we had no plans to go out, nor any plans to entertain in. And then I heard the sound of a man clearing his throat nervously, and I looked back toward the doorway. There stood a man I recognized from Gregory’s job. It was Dirk, the heartthrob of the sales force, a coworker with whom Gregory was always battling for first place. Dirk caught all the ladies’ attention — with his black hair and midnight-blue eyes, strong jawline, perfect nose — and as far as I knew he was Greg’s biggest competition.

I couldn’t have been more surprised to see him standing there blushing in my doorway, looking as out of place and unsure of himself as he possibly could.

I glanced from Dirk to Gregory to Dirk, and I felt myself starting to understand. Greg had been paying attention when I had told him one of my most treasured fantasies — the chance to dominate two men at once. I hadn’t thought we’d get to this point. In fact, I never really thought the fantasy would come true. Apparently, Gregory had decided to top from below — setting the stage without any assistance or instruction from me.

Like any girl, the fact that my man had surprised me in a romantic way made my heart go pitter-pat. Unlike most other girls, my response was going to include handcuffs, blindfolds and ball gags.

I looked hard at Dirk. Did he know what he was getting into? Before I had a chance to ask Greg how much of our private life he had shared with his coworker, Dirk dropped to his knees. Oh, damn. The sight of this handsome man showing me his subservience made me suck in my breath. I was in heaven, like I’d entered a candy store and found a life-size version of my favorite treat.

“I don’t want to get Greg into any trouble,” Dirk said from his knees. “But he did tell me about the things you do to him. The way he serves you. And I begged him to let me join you.”

“Begged is a good word,” I said, standing before him. I wanted to have the power in the room, and I was glad I was already wearing my highest heels. Greg smiled at me. He clearly thought I was going to reward him for bringing me a new sub. Of course, “reward” is relative. What I was going to do to Greg for setting this up without asking me first was going to be painful, but my man is into pain. So it would be a reward, after all.

“Greg,” I said, “let’s do a demonstration for Dirk, so he can see exactly what is in store for him tonight.”

Greg seemed startled by my words. Maybe he thought he was going to get a free pass. Perhaps, he believed that I’d take out all my aggression on his coworker and let him bask in the role of the observer. No such luck. I went to the mantle and lifted Gregory’s collar. Then I said again, “Strip.” Greg didn’t hesitate. He took off his clothes and then lowered his head, waiting for me to collar him. I buckled the strap of leather around his neck and then pushed him down on his hands and knees. To Dirk’s obvious delight and Greg’s palpable humiliation, I attached a leash to the collar and prepared to lead Greg to our dungeon room at the back of the house.

“You can follow if you promise to behave,” I said to Dirk, who was staring at me with huge, lust-filled eyes.

“You can also promise not to behave,” I added, “and the night will definitely be more interesting for you.”

Then I strode down the hall with Gregory padding next to me on his hands and knees. When we reached the dungeon, I pulled him to standing, removed his leash, and fastened him against the wall, with his wrists cuffed on either side of his head and his legs spread wide. I knew Dirk was watching my every move. I could sense his cock growing bigger. How could it not be based on the scenario in front of him? Most subs only get to witness scenes like this in x-rated movies. And there we were, putting on a real-life show for him.

I started with one of my favorite floggers, crisscrossing Gregory’s ass and thighs with the tiny strands of cobalt blue suede. My boy jumped and bucked as the leather hit his skin, but he didn’t ask me to stop. I peeked around him and saw that he was fully erect. His dick was leaking pre-come, and I knew it wasn’t only from his first taste of pain for the evening. His arousal was due both to the pain and the fact that he was being watched, and not just by me.

“See?” I looked over at Dirk. “This is how Greg likes to spend his nights, completely in my power. I can whip him like this all night long, and he won’t come unless I tell him to.”

I saw Dirk’s hand sneak down to the front of his slacks, and I was on him in a flash.

“No, baby. No. You don’t get to touch yourself unless I say so. I thought you’d understand that.”

He pulled his hand away. I stroked him instead, running my palm up his shaft, so hard even through his slacks. “You like watching Greg get his whipping, don’t you?” I asked. “You’ll like it even better when you’re the one tied to my wall, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, and I smiled. So Greg had told him how to address me. “But not yet,” I said. “We still need to deal with the fact that Greg went behind my back and told you our secrets. Don’t we, Greg?” I said the last part louder, and my boy knew to respond to the query. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied.

I returned to my lover’s side, and I began to probe his asshole. Greg groaned and whimpered as I tickled his hole. While Dirk watched me, I lubed up a nice-sized butt plug and screwed the toy firmly into Greg’s ass. Then I uncuffed him from the wall and had him go onto his haunches.

“You told secrets,” I said. “What will I do about that?” Greg stayed mute. He didn’t want to give me any ideas. I could have taken him into the adjoining room and washed his mouth out for him. But we had a new plaything at our disposal. I looked at Dirk. “Feel like getting your dick sucked?” I asked.

Dirk looked wary.

“He gives great head,” I said. “I can vouch for that. His tongue skills are amazing.”

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