Their Leisurely Getaways

Their Leisurely Getaways

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The warm weather prompted Grace, my lovely wife of 24 years, to don her skimpy yellow bikini to sunbathe by the pool of our time-share condo in Florida.

Because it was a weekday mid-afternoon, she had the pool area to herself. In a way I was sorry. Grace in her late 40s can pass for mid-20s, and I enjoy watching men check her out.

Inside, I was watching a baseball game, occasionally glancing out the sliding glass doors to look at my woman. The ball game was fairly dull, and I dozed off. When I awoke, the game was over but I saw outside that Grace had company. A huge bodybuilder type was kneeling by her chaise rubbing suntan lotion into her back. His hands slid downward, spending significant time on her thong-clad ass, then moving down to her thighs, calves and feet.

Grace’s top was untied, and Mr. Universe was ogling the sides of her tits, crushed under her as she lay on her stomach. To get a better look I jumped out of my recliner, but by the time I got to the window Grace wasn’t in her chaise. Scanning the area, I saw her walking with her new friend toward the wooden building that housed an indoor hot tub.

My instinctive reaction was that I had to see more. As they entered the building, I left the condo and made my way there. Luckily, the hot-tub room had a window, and by chance the blind that usually covered it had been lowered carelessly, leaving just space enough to peek through. And there was my buxom wife standing in the hot tub in the muscleman’s embrace, kissing him wildly!

I know I shouldn’t have been turned on, but as I watched the two of them — with her tongue circling his, bobbing in and out of his mouth, and his hands pawing her voluptuous tits — I was afraid my already rock-hard cock might explode!

Grace’s hands were in the water, stroking the guy’s cock, I assumed. As he pulled her closer, reaching down to play with her ass, she pressed her upper body into him with unbelievable sexual aggressiveness. All at once her arms came up and wrapped around his neck, and at the same time she slung her legs over his hips, locking her ankles behind his back.

By the look on Grace’s face I knew the moment the guy entered her. Her head fell back, and she began pumping away at him while he stood firm, bracing her. Surprisingly quickly, the stiffening and spasming of her body told me that she was coming. Her head rose back up, and I could read her lips crying out, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

I was suddenly startled to hear a voice behind me say, “All right! Looks like Grace is back in town, and Little Anthony’s got first dibs!”

Stunned, I turned around and saw another huge guy looking over my shoulder. He smiled, then stuck out his hand, introducing himself as Hack. I stammered, “You — you know them?”

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