The Power of Three

The Power of Three

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When an unrequited crush becomes a “requited” attraction, Emily learns that two dicks are definitely better than one.

It was 4:00 a.m., and I was still awake in the middle of my comfy hotel bed. Sighing, I threw my arm across my husband’s body and snuggled against him. Of course, he’d been asleep for a while now, having passed out soon after reaching orgasm, as so many men are wont to do.

Settling in, I hoped I could doze off despite the fact that my heart was still racing a little, but the sound of a groan from behind me, plus the feeling of a semi-erect cock against my ass, thwarted my attempt. Now not only was I awake, but so was my pussy. I was certain that Ryan, an old college friend, was also asleep, and his movement was subconscious, but with my arousal mounting, I decided that someone needed to wake up. To make this happen, I spurred Ryan on by grinding my ass against his burgeoning erection.

His cock responded to my efforts by thickening and lengthening, and in the process, his erection nestled lengthwise between my cheeks. I knew he was fully awake when I felt him nuzzling the nape of my neck, so I continued moving against him to convey that I was ready for another round. He seemed to be, too, because his dick continued to stiffen until it was once again at full mast.

I really wanted to fuck him again, but I was hesitant about waking Chris because he looked so peaceful lying there beside us. With Ryan’s tempting lips still trailing over my flesh, raising goose bumps wherever they touched, I gingerly lifted my arm from my husband’s side and turned to face my old friend.

Ryan and I stared deep into each other’s eyes before our lips met. His parted, so I slipped my tongue between them. In return, he palmed my breasts and played his fingers over my nipples, which were still so sensitive from our earlier endeavors that my body reacted instantly, giving an appreciable shudder. Reaching down, I took hold of his cock, pumping the shaft in my fist while massaging a bead of pre-come into the tip with my thumb. Raising my leg, I slipped his crown between my nether lips, stroking it along my slit and giving a little start each time it bumped my clit.

Ryan gasped upon feeling my wet heat and clutched my tit even harder as he attempted to slide into my slick hole. I purposefully eluded him, having too much fun masturbating with his penis. But he didn’t give up easily.

Letting go of my breast, he reached down and slipped a finger between my labia, stroking me until I moaned into his mouth. That motion felt so good, I pulled away from his hand. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him touching me; I was now desperate to feel him inside me, and I needed something bigger than his finger.

I pushed Ryan onto his back and threw a leg across his torso to straddle him. His prick bobbed enticingly in front of me: tall, proud and ready for work. I took hold of that massive cock and rose, positioning his dick at my opening and letting the head pop inside me. As I slowly lowered myself onto his staff, I shut my eyes to revel in the feeling of being stretched wide open for the second time that night. After Ryan was fully engulfed by my cunt, I rose at the same pace and then repeated the entire process — this time a little faster.

I bounced on Ryan’s dick, leaning forward so that I was crouching over him and could press my lips to his. We kissed, our tongues tangling, and I kept my eyes closed so I could concentrate on all the sensations I was feeling. And since I couldn’t see anything, I assumed it was Ryan caressing me when I felt a hand on my lower back. Though, it didn’t take me long to realize that hand belonged to my husband.

I opened my eyes and looked at Ryan, who winked at me. Then I glanced beside us and saw that Chris was wide awake. He also gave me a wink as he traced patterns on my skin, and the sight of his fully erect cock told me he’d been up for a while, watching me ride our old friend.

I invited Chris to join us with a smile, so he rose to his knees and kissed me. Meanwhile, Ryan grasped me by the hips and began moving me over his dick at a more leisurely pace to give my husband a chance to catch up.

As I rode Ryan, Chris’s hand trailed lower, until his fingers spanned one of my asscheeks, his thumb working its way into my crevice. Knowing how much I like having my asshole played with, he nudged the sensitive opening and then pressed against it lightly. When I moaned, he pushed inward, stretching the muscles just wide enough for his digit.

As he stroked me from inside, I realized he could feel Ryan’s movements in my other hole. This was exciting, because it was new — when we’d fucked earlier, Ryan had taken my pussy from behind while I’d sucked Chris. The thought of being doubly penetrated in this manner hadn’t even occurred to me — but now it was all I could think about.

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