Shocking Sex

Shocking Sex

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Like other kids’ parents, undoubtedly, Darla Kincaid’s told her not to play with electricity.

Apparently the message failed to sink in. Today Kincaid is one of Manhattan’s most in-demand dominatrices. One of her specialties is electric play.

For those who aren’t part of the BD/SM scene, or, come to think of it, those who just enjoy having sex the old-fashioned way — and that includes masturbation — electric play involves turning one of Mother Nature’s most abundant, if potentially tricky, natural resources into a sex toy.

Here’s how it works: You stick a plug into an electrical outlet. Attached to the plug is a control panel with a dial that regulates the flow of current. Attached to the control panel can be a Pandora’s box of accessories, anything from catheters and nipple clamps to cock rings and butt plugs.

“It can go from mild to wild,” coos the captivating Kincaid when she offers me a free demonstration at Mistress Jasmine’s, the well-heeled Manhattan dungeon where she practices her craft (www. mistressjasmine.com). For the record, Kincaid wasn’t wearing a lab coat with goggles, a haz-mat suit, or even the dom’s obligatory catsuit; she wore a vintage designer dress and high heels, sacrificing, I might add, not an ounce (or is it an amp?) of her stern authority. “What makes it such a useful tool,” she tells me, “is you can con-trol your submissive with just the flick of a switch.”

I got interested in high voltage as a sex toy at a performance a few years back at some dank nightclub in New York City’s East Village. Onstage was a fellow wrapped in aluminum foil. His partner was shocking him with something that looked like a cattle prod, the device sending lovely purple sparks off into the night. Since I don’t recall the sound of sirens, I believe the fellow survived the experience and may have even enjoyed it. The demonstration didn’t make me want to stick my hand in the nearest light socket, but it did make me give some thought to folks who would risk electrocution to enhance their sex lives, especially since I can still get tossed into a trance state by something as simple as a woman’s well-turned calf.

“Electricity is something we’re told from an early age to stay away from,” Kincaid notes as she produces an ominous-looking black attaché case made by a company called Erostech. “A lot of submissives have a wariness about it. That’s why it can be such a powerful tool for the dominant. It’s really useful in interrogation scenes.”

Then she pops open her luggage. The case contains a veritable Frankenstein’s lab worth of devices with dials and meters and wires. “There are two broad groups of electric stimulation,” she continues, sounding like a high school science teacher, and a hard grader at that. “First there’s static electricity.” By that she means the kind that you get from walking across a carpet. Toys in her treasure chest that produce that effect include one of those “eye of the storm”-type lightning balls that you find in novelty stores.

I don’t know how we get from there to my manhood, but the next thing I know, Kincaid is discussing immolating it. “It’s called fire play,” she says. “That includes putting a layer of rubbing alcohol on the skin and lighting it. It can be very shocking for the person receiving it to see their penis on fire. This is something you should advise your readers not to try at home.” (Consider yourselves so advised.) I guess the toys produce sparks, and the sparks set the alcohol on fire. In any case, my inferior brain can only wrap itself around one force of nature at a time.

“And what’s the second kind of electrical stimulation?” I ask.

“A circuit,” Kincaid says. “There needs to be two points of connection. The kit comes with a variety of attachments created for external and internal use. There are devices designed for insertion into the penis. It’s an exquisite sensation, from what I hear. The benefit of working in a [dungeon] is that I have access to such phenomenal equipment.”

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