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Sex Toys Letters

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A little self-loving goes a long way when this couple enjoys some mutual masturbation.

Most guys I know won’t admit it, but men enjoy sex toys almost as much as women. I mean, I haven’t given any of my pocket pussies names like my girlfriend does with her dildos, but I have a couple, and I use them pretty regularly. Mostly I break them out when Christina is out of town, but every once in a while, my girlfriend will suggest that we use our toys together.

Sometimes Christina wants to jerk me off using one of my toys, but more often than not, she simply wants to watch and play with herself while I masturbate with one of them. Take last Tuesday night. It was unseasonably hot, far too hot for us to be rolling around in the sheets, but both Christina and I had come home from work feeling incredibly horny. I suggested we hop in the shower and get it on under the spray of cool water, but she hates shower sex. She’s not really a fan of any water-based activities, so I didn’t expect her to jump at the idea, but I’d hoped that the sudden heat wave would make her reconsider her stance. Instead, she suggested we masturbate together.

“Why don’t we play with our toys instead?” she said, a twinkle in her eyes. “You haven’t let me watch you in a while,” she continued. “It’d be so much more fun… ” I wasn’t sure that jerking off was better than actually getting laid, but if that’s what Christina wanted, I wasn’t going to say no. I nodded my consent and went off to get my masturbation sleeve while she went to choose a vibrator. We met back in the living room a few minutes later and stripped, and then Christina gave me a blowjob to help me get hard.

If there’s one thing my girlfriend is an expert at, it’s giving head. I don’t know how she got so good, if she practiced a lot before we met or if it simply comes naturally to her, but she’s definitely the best I’ve ever had. She sat down on the couch and had me stand in front of her. Then she took my dick in her hand and sucked the tip into her mouth. The feel of her warm, wet mouth engulfing my cockhead was enough to get the blood pumping, and in a matter of seconds, my dick was ready for action.

With my cock able to stand up on its own, Christina started really going wild. She deep-throated me for a few seconds, lubing up my cock, and then pumped her fist along my spit-slick shaft while her lips and tongue worked the tip. A few times she reached back to fondle my balls, too, adding another sensation to the mix, but for the most part she kept her focus on my dick. That was all right with me, and in a matter of minutes she had me so hard I was on the verge of a climax. As soon as she felt my cock begin to throb, she pulled back, handed me the pocket pussy that was sitting on the couch next to me, and told me to go over to the loveseat across the room.

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