A Toy Worth Having

A Toy Worth Having

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“We’re all about anal beads,” Cindy crowed on the phone to me.

She sounded so happy; I had to ask her to slow down, to back up, to explain everything. I knew that she and Bill had been having a difficult time lately. Like so many people, the two of them were overworked and overbooked. As Cindy had moaned to me over coffee the week before, sex had taken a backseat in their relationship, which was difficult for my best friend who has a libido that tends to work as hard as she does.

I’d suggested she go to my favorite store and buy a few items. Maybe if Bill saw how fun their sex life could be, he’d try to make more time in his schedule. Apparently, my idea had worked.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Cindy said. “I can’t wait to tell you everything!”

“Start at the start,” I said, getting comfortable on the sofa.

“I went into the store ahead of time,” she said. “I wanted to get the lay of the land, you know? See what was what. At first, I was kind of embarrassed.”


“Well, there I was in my office clothes, and all the girls who work at the store had on these adorable little outfits. They were sex vixens or party elves or something, and I was in my pinstripes and loafers, looking as corporate as ever.”

I could see that. Cindy’s as hot as they come, but she keeps her passion bottled up, her long red hair piled high on her head, her pretty figure concealed by the men’s style suits she favors.

“But the place relaxed me somehow. That sensation of good sex was everywhere. Like you could almost breathe it in. In almost no time at all, I found a few items that I really wanted to try, and I made mental notes. Then I bought Bill a gift certificate. The next day, I slid it into his wallet. I knew he’d find it when he reached for cash at lunchtime, and I was right. He called me from the sandwich shop and told me to meet him at the store after work.”

For some reason, I realized I was getting wet as she was talking to me. I could imagine myself in Cindy’s place, squirming around at my desk for five hours waiting to go to a sex-toy store. I leaned back on the sofa, propped up by a few pillows, and got more comfortable. I had a glass of wine at my side, and I took sips while Cindy continued.

“It was like we were on a first date,” she said. “I mean, I was all nervous and jittery when I got there and Bill didn’t seem to know where to look first. He was totally overwhelmed.”

Bill is not the type of person to get overwhelmed. He’s a top-notch attorney, and I’ve seen him keep his head in heated situations. I liked the image of the six-foot blond feeling out of place.

“I took him to the wall of handcuffs first,” she said, “and he just stood there, kind of slack-jawed. Finally, he grabbed a pair of fuzzy red cuffs, and from then he was in motion. It was like he needed to take one step forward to begin.”

“So what else did you buy?” I couldn’t wait to hear.

“A vibrator.”

“You didn’t have one?” I was shocked. Who doesn’t own a vibrator?

“Not since my last one died. We bought a nicer one to replace my old, and a set of anal beads, lube and a blindfold. We went to town. And guess what?”

My “what?” was almost a whisper.

“We didn’t even make it home before we started to try out the toys. Bill put the cuffs on me in the car, and then he started to touch me. I was a wreck, moving all over the seat, begging him for more. He told me if I couldn’t keep my voice down, he’d have to go back into the store to buy me a gag, and I almost came right then.”

As Cindy was talking, I stood and walked up the stairs to my bedroom. Cordless phones can be a blessing sometimes. I lay down on the bed while she told me how Bill had pinched her nipples through her bra and blouse before hurriedly undoing her shirt. How he licked and kissed her through her black satin bra before pulling down the cups so he could suck on her naked tits.

I swear,“ Cindy said, ”he was more turned on than he’d been since the start of our relationship. It wasn’t like we were newlyweds. It was like we’d just invented sex. He was intense, tipping the car seat all the way back so he could really have at me. I couldn’t do anything with my hands, but I could move my body, and Bill kept talking to me about how sexy I looked, how he couldn’t wait to get me home to fuck me, and then he stopped talking and just used his mouth.


“Everywhere. He pulled my skirt up to my waist and began to press his face against my pussy. I was in shock, I think, because I let him. I didn’t even worry that we might get caught. All I wanted was to feel his tongue on my clit, his lips on my split. He licked and sucked me through my panties, and then he helped me take them off and he pressed his face right against me and made me come.”

“In the parking lot?” I was flabbergasted. This was so unlike them!

“It was so romantic!”

I giggled. I couldn’t help myself. Cindy sounded so thrilled. “Did he fuck you in the car?”

“No,” she said. “He told me that he was going to take me home, cut my clothes off me with the utility scissors, and try out all the other toys we’d bought. He looked so sexy. I could see his hard-on through his slacks, and I knew he was that aroused by the thought of what he was going to do to me. I don’t even remember the ride home. It was a blur.”

As she was talking, I’d stripped out of my clothes. Then I surreptitiously reached into the bottom drawer of my nightstand.

“What happened when you got home?” I asked as I wrapped my fist around the base of my vibrator.

“Bill carried me into the house. Then he did just what he said. He cut my clothes off and then he put the blindfold on me. I’d never worn a blindfold before. Not even with boyfriends before Bill. I think I was afraid of giving up control. But with Bill it was different. Not scary, just sexy.”

I almost moaned, but I bit my lip to stifle the sound. Cindy was turning me on in a big way. Ever so slowly, I began to run the tip of the vibrator up and over my clit. I didn’t turn on the motor. Not yet. But I played with myself while listening to my best friend’s erotic story.

“He had the blindfold on me, and my wrists were still cuffed, and he led me carefully to our bedroom. I stood there, nervously, while he moved around the room. I couldn’t tell what he was doing at first, but then he helped me lay down on the bed, and I felt the towel beneath me. Good thing, too, because we went through a lot of lube.”

“How were you positioned on the bed?” I asked, wanting more of a visual. “On your back? Your stomach?”

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