Punishment to Fit His Crime

Punishment to Fit His Crime

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Recently my wife of seven years found out that I’ve been fucking my 24-year-old secretary, Lynn.

Alice, my wife, is exceptionally beautiful and loves sex. We fuck usually four times a week and she’ll always try new positions and is happy to suck my cock. Still, I just couldn’t resist Lynn.

We’d been fucking for about eight months when Alice found out. She went crazy, threatening to leave me. I begged her to stay, telling her I’d never do it again. Eventually she said she would stay, but insisted that first she had to get even. My punishment: no sex for 30 days. And after that, if it happened again, she would be gone immediately. She said I could keep Lynn as my secretary (I really did need her), but first she wanted a little chat with her.

Under the terms of my punishment, I slept alone in the spare bedroom, and at work could only speak to Lynn about business. During that month, Alice often wasn’t there when I got home from work, usually arriving at two or three in the morning. She told some of my coworkers about my situation (my affair was well-known at work; in fact, I suspected one of my coworkers of ratting me out to Alice), and I became the butt of constant jokes.

The night my punishment was over, Alice handed me a big box. Inside were about 25 numbered videotapes. She sat smirking as I put on the first tape. It showed Lynn, nude, lying facedown on a bed with Alice standing over her, fully clothed, whipping her ass with a riding crop. Lynn was saying she would be good and never fool around with me again.

Alice stopped whipping Lynn, and I was surprised to see three of my coworkers, Gordon, Sal and Brady, appear. They started to strip, and Alice told them to fuck Lynn up the ass. Lynn, facedown with her butt in the air, begged them to be gentle, as she’d never taken it up the ass. Alice smacked her again with the riding crop and told her to beg to have her tight asshole fucked.

Gordon got behind Lynn and started to penetrate her asshole. It took at least 20 minutes of thrusting to get his cock all the way in. I saw Lynn finally start to relax and enjoy it. Eventually Gordon pulled out and shot his load all over her back.

After that, Sal was able to slide his cock right in Lynn’s ass. He talked a lot, telling her how tight and hot she felt, and saying he’d wanted to do this for ages and had saved a load for her all week. When he pulled out and came, you could see that it was indeed a big wad.

Now Lynn was begging for more. Before Brady took his turn, there was a shot of her asshole, still wide open after Sal’s fucking, with jism dripping as she panted and thrust her hips back. Brady plugged her hole and in a few minutes delivered his cream in her rectum.

There was a final scene where Lynn was between Gordon, who had his cock in her pussy, and Sal, who had his cock in her ass, while Brady fucked her mouth. She was mumbling for them to fuck her hard. After they came, the camera zoomed in to a shot of Lynn’s very red asshole and come-coated ass.

The tape ended, and I had a huge hard-on. Alice told me to put the second tape in. It began with Lynn lying naked on my desk and my wife, also naked, wearing a huge strap-on dildo. Alice looked right at the camera and said, “It’s my turn to fuck Lynn’s tight little ass.” She positioned Lynn so her ass was facing the camera and pushed the dildo halfway in, then stopped and asked, “What do you want?”

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