One Good Shave

One Good Shave

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After spending the better part of a Saturday helping a friend move, I called my wife Melanie to let her know that I was on my way home.

She told me that she and her friend Carrie had spent the day drinking mojitos and watching porn, and they were both quite horny. She also said that I should hurry home before they started the party without me. Like Melanie, Carrie is beautiful and has a gorgeous body, so of course I could hardly wait to join them.

When I came through the door, Melanie and Carrie were waiting for me in sheer bras and panties. After Melanie gave me a warm welcome kiss, Carrie walked over and kissed me so deep and hard that I just knew this was going to be the ultimate experience. But before we got too carried away, they steered me to the bathroom for a quick shower alone.

When I finished, I joined them in the living room, where Melanie and Carrie stood before me and removed their bras. I had a great time dividing my attention between Melanie and Carrie — kissing, nibbling, and fondling their beautiful round breasts. Melanie pulled off the towel I had wrapped around my waist and pushed me down on the sofa. Then they made an elaborate show of slowly removing their panties — and with good reason: Before I’d come home, Melanie and Carrie had shaved each other’s pussy bald!

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