Her Ass is Mine

Her Ass is Mine

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It was lunchtime at work, and four of us were sitting outside around a picnic table. My co-worker, Jackie, was in the process of quizzing Ted and Eddie on their living arrangements.

Everyone who worked in the kitchen had figured out that Ted and Eddie were more than “just roommates.” Still, Jackie was very inquisitive and persistent. She wanted to know certain aspects of their arrangement that she was unfamiliar with.

The tittering and giggling was interrupting my lunch, but I was becoming a bit interested myself as to whether or not Jackie was going to get the answer she sought. Then she started asking specific questions. Her voice rose as she queried them further. Ted would just look at Eddie — and again the tee-heeing. Jackie tried her best to extract information on procedures and pleasures, but Ted just sipped his orange juice, and Eddie told her he was not going to tell.

Finally the back-to-work whistle blew. Time was up, the boys hurried off, and Jackie had not got the answer to her question. As I got up I whispered to her that if she came by my place after work, I would answer her question and show her just what she wanted to know.

I went back to my job without even waiting for a response. I thought it best to let my offer sink in first. Jackie and I had a history that went back a few years. Then we had split up and started seeing other people. When we’d started working together a few months ago I could tell she was anticipating a reconciliation.

Jackie was scheduled to leave work an hour earlier than me. Before she clocked out she asked me if I was really serious. I told her that my parents were out of town and I had the place to myself. I told her where the spare key was, so she could wait inside for me.

I rushed through my duties and punched out 15 minutes early. When I pulled into the driveway I was excited to see her car parked alongside the house. She had let herself in. When I rushed into the house I half-expected to see her buck-naked, bent over the coffee table, awaiting my arrival. The only thing I could hear was the shower running upstairs.

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