He was Hot for Domination

He was Hot for Domination

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My girlfriend Dale and I got a lot of great ideas from a recent issue of Penthouse Letters. It was a real turn-on just talking to her about all the sexual variations mentioned in the letters.

Dale admitted she would like to make love with another woman, and we discussed the possibility of swinging with another couple. But the idea that got me hottest was dominating her and fucking her up the ass. And finally I decided to act on my fantasies. I purchased an assortment of sex toys through the mail, and also bought pet collars for her wrists and neck, a leash, some rope and four hooks. Then I borrowed a video camera from a friend.

I was all ready. Now I just needed to think of a way to get Dale to go along with my plan!

The opportunity came one night when we made a bet over some trivial issue or other. I suggested, and Dale agreed, that the loser would submit to a night of sexual slavery. Well, for once in a blue moon I was right and won the bet.

I suggested there was no time like the present to collect on the bet, and Dale agreed, though she was clearly nervous, having no idea what to expect. To help put her at ease, we drank a few beers, smoked some dope and were just chitchat-ting. Then she noticed the hooks I had put in the ceiling of the den, and she looked down and saw the hooks in the floor directly underneath them. Her eyes shot wide open. She looked at me and laughed nervously.

I decided to assert my authority as master before she had a chance to reconsider. I smiled and said, “You just do what you’re told and this will be as good for you as it is for me. Got it?”

“G-got it,” she said, looking up and down at the sets of hooks. She didn’t sound persuaded.

“Would I hurt you?” I said.

Her body shook in anticipation as I went to the bedroom and returned with the collars. I told Dale to put the small ones on her wrists, and as she did, I attached lengths of rope to all of the hooks. Then I took the larger collar and tightened it round her neck. She shivered. I attached a leash to the collar on her neck and whipped her tits with the end of it. She was the perfect slave — she didn’t move or utter a word.

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