Boots and Booty

Boots and Booty

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It had been a few days since I’d seen my boyfriend.

I was excited that he was coming to pick me up. Short skirts turn him on. I’d put on a micromini, a low-cut T-shirt, and sandals. I love to catch him looking at my legs.

We went to the mall and stopped at a trendy boutique to admire a pair of sexy black leather boots that looked like they’d been made just for me. The leather felt amazingly soft. My boyfriend was sitting in one of the chairs, watching me with an amused expression. I just had to try them on.

I flagged down a clerk. There was a half-price sale going on, so the store was full and there was no place for me to sit. When the clerk returned with the boots, I asked my boyfriend to hold my stuff while I tried them on. I didn’t want to flash everyone in the store, so I bent over with my back against a mirrored wall and zipped up one boot. My boyfriend was leaning against a table in front of me. When I looked up and caught him staring at the mirror, I realized that he was looking at the reflection of my thong.

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