Anal Sex: Winter Heat

Anal Sex: Winter Heat

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This anally amorous couple finds a wide range of ways to keep their love affair sizzling, even through the snowy season.

“So, Sharon — you looking forward to our weekend?” I asked my girlfriend.

Sharon brushed a lock of her long, dark hair away from her face. “Of course, I am. I want to leave first thing in the morning — oh, that’s nice. Really nice… ”

We were in bed, making love languidly. It had been a long day in what already felt like a long winter. We needed a break, so the next day we were leaving town for a weekend of skiing. Sharon and I are both downhill enthusiasts. I had a suspicion, though, that we would end up spending less time on the slopes and more time enjoying each other in private.

Sharon is twenty-five and she loves sex — can’t get enough of it. One time, just for the thrill, we climbed an old water tower and screwed on top, doggy-style, while cars whizzed by below. We’ve even fucked in a broom closet so small that we had to stand up. We couldn’t close the door all the way; my ass kept bumping it open. But best of all is Sharon’s appetite for backdoor sex. When the mood strikes her, which is often, she simply has to have anal… and I’m the lucky guy who gets to satisfy her craving.

At the moment, I lay behind her spoon-style, enjoying the feel of her nice round ass against my groin while I rocked my cock in and out of her syrupy cunt. I was not surprised by what happened next. She reached back, took hold of my slippery rod — she was so wet that night! — and, gently but firmly pushed the meaty crown against her anus.

“Ah,” she said, as much to herself as to me, “that’s a nice fit.” Her voice drifted off as she bumped against me, propelling my shaft deeper into her back channel. I hooked one hand over her shoulder and the other around her hip and began pumping my cock in and out of her fanny. Her breath came quicker now, and I felt her skin flush warmly in my grip.

Soon the ripples of pleasure coursing from my root through the rest of my body doubled in intensity, then tripled. Sharon’s ass was so tight, so hot; it was impossible to hold off for long. “I’m going to — unh — to come, baby,” I stammered, holding her tight against my thrusts.

“Do it!” she cried. “Come inside my ass. You know how much I love to feel you squirt in there — ” A gasp of delight choked off her statement, and I felt her whole body tighten. The climax swept through her just before I reached a pinnacle of my own. Then the cream flowed from my prick into Sharon’s rear end, and she sighed, squirming against me.

The next morning, under gray skies and snow flurries, we loaded our bags into the trunk of the car. Sharon looked perfectly demure in her long overcoat and knee-high boots, but when we got in the car she took off the coat, revealing her slinky camisole top and Daisy Duke shorts. The outfit was wildly inappropriate for the weather, and wildly sexy, too. I reached for the dash and turned the heat up a notch for Sharon’s sake, although I was feeling plenty hot just looking at her.

We arrived at the lodge in the late afternoon. Sharon put on her overcoat, and we checked in. Then we dumped our stuff in our room and went for a drink in the saloon. I suppose the libations helped pave the way for what followed, but knowing Sharon, it probably would have happened even if we’d been sober.

We had left the saloon and were headed back to our lodge room when we spotted a small, stand-alone structure a short way off, surrounded by snow.

“I think that’s the sauna,” I said.

“Let’s take a look.” Sharon started across the white expanse, her breath making little clouds of steam in the frigid air. I followed her up to the door, which she promptly yanked open. A blast of heat struck me full in the face.

“It’s a sauna, all right,” she said, peering inside. I looked, too, and saw a dimly lit interior with a cedar bench running along the wood-paneled walls. A yellow-tinted light bulb hung from the ceiling.

“Just our luck,” said Sharon. “No one’s using it!”

“Don’t you want to come back with towels — ?”

She was already stepping inside and pulling me after her. As soon as the door closed behind us I could hardly see; my eyes needed time to adjust after the bright, snowy landscape outside.

Sharon reached for me, saying, “We don’t need any towels.” She tossed her overcoat into a corner, then her purse, before mashing her sexy body — so exquisitely underdressed — against me. Her bare arms went around my neck, and she pressed one naked thigh between my legs. Her kiss ignited the fire within me, as Sharon’s kisses always do. Still, as my hands roamed over her back and down to her ass, I mumbled a note of caution: “Someone might come in.” My heart wasn’t in the protest, however. I could not have dissuaded Sharon in any case. Now that my eyes were growing accustomed to the darkness, I could see the lust in her eyes, the elemental hunger.

“No one’s going to come in,” she whispered, her desire making her breathless. We continued kissing and fumbling with each other’s clothing. The sauna’s intense heat was an added inducement to getting nude as quickly as possible.

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