Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune

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Ever get a blowjob on a Ferris wheel? Doesn’t sound possible, does it? But recently a few of my buddies and I spent the day at a large theme park. After several hours of being spun, dropped, and hurtled through space by the various thrill rides, I was eager for the relaxing calm of the Ferris wheel. My pals said the Ferris wheel was for kids and ran off for one more ride on the roller coaster.

I quickly found myself in the small basket-like car that would carry me around in a circle. It looked like I would be alone for the ride, as the attendant was about to close the door. But he saw I was by myself, and said, “We have to have someone else in here, to balance the car.”

Up stepped a fetching young lady who took her seat across from me. She said that her date wanted to ride the tilt-a-whirl, which made her nauseous, so she decided to take a ride on the Ferris wheel. We chatted amiably until it became quite apparent to me that a spark of sensuality had been ignited.

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