Two Giggly Girls

Two Giggly Girls

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Just Two Giggly Girls Strutting Their Stuff At The Shopping Mall

As I drove into the parking lot, my heart was pounding. I was going to meet and spend the afternoon with someone I had never seen. I parked the car, got out, then fixed myself up a bit. First I had to adjust my bra, and then I made sure that the seams in my silk stockings were straight. My slip was showing in the back, so I had to fix that.

After all was in order, I walked to the entrance of the mall. Three women were there, but two of them had babies, so the other one had to be you. I was as nervous as a cat just standing there: Being a closet TV, I don’t get out much.

I could tell it was you by the way you smiled. You were fantastic, the way you introduced yourself and steered us into the mall. We were like a couple of career girls.

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