Total Tease

Total Tease

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My boss’s daughter, Tricia, is the biggest cock tease I’ve ever met. She’s in her junior year of college, with a curvy body and a tendency to wear snug skirts and low-necked blouses.

Since my boss’s office is across from my desk, I’m treated to the sight of her round ass and magnificent breasts multiple times a week when Tricia visits her mom for lunch.

“The outfit isn’t what makes her a cock tease — hell knows women can wear whatever they want and it doesn’t give me the right to judge them or be a creep. What makes her a cock tease is how she acts when she passes my desk.

Tricia likes to drop things. It seemed like an accident at first, but now I think it’s a plot. When she bends over to retrieve her pens, pencils, or paper, that skirt stretches tight across her ass. Before she stands up again, she looks over her shoulder and grins at me, acknowledging that I’m looking.

I try not to look; I really do. But ever since I realized she likes when I look, it’s hard to resist the temptation.

She also likes to plant her hands on my desk and lean over just enough to give me a peek down her shirt. “How’re you doing, Josh?” she’ll ask in a breathy little voice, and every time my gaze flickers to her cleavage, she smiles like the cat who got the cream. Last week, she accompanied the question with a saucy wink and trailed her finger down my tie before heading into her mom’s office.

My boss thinks her daughter is a sweet little innocent whose only dream is to go to veterinary school. Tricia may have everyone else fooled, but I know what’s lurking under that pretty exterior.

I was working late one Tuesday night. My boss had just left when Tricia strolled out of the elevator. She sauntered up to my desk and propped her hip on it.

“Are you looking for your mom?” I asked, trying to ignore the way her black miniskirt rode up her thighs. “She just left.”

Tricia pouted. “Oh, did she? Well, that’s all right.” She studied my papers with interest. “What are you working on?”

I was proofing a presentation, but Tricia didn’t care about that. I leaned back in my chair. “Why do you keep bothering me, Tricia?”

She bit her lip and released it slowly. “Is it bothering you? I can stop.” She started to get up, but I grabbed her wrist, keeping her there. Her eyes widened and she squirmed a little on my desk as if the move had turned her on.

“If you want something,” I told her, “you can just ask for it.”

She was still feigning innocence. “Photocopies or something? Oh, that’s very sweet — ”

I cut her off. “You know exactly what I mean. If you want my cock, you can have it, but you have to tell me.”

Fucking the boss’s daughter was a terrible idea, but I was tired of hiding erections under my desk every time Tricia walked by. I was tired of those sneaky little smiles and the way she flirted without ever making a move.

She ran a finger along the edge of her shirt, drawing my attention to the upper curve of her breast. “But I’m shy,” she pouted.

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