This Domme Wife

This Domme Wife

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I dominate my husband, Lewis, just about as much as I like, which is plenty. It doesn’t involve “fantasy gear,” weird makeup, whips, handcuffs and stuff like that. Which is handy, since I don’t dig leather that much. And there was no turning point when I suddenly got tough and handed down the “law.” I pretty much had Lewis eating out of my hand by the end of our first date!

I was used to guys practically groveling at my feet to get me into the sack, but Lewis kept it up afterward. I mean, the poor guy was still lovesick even after I’d fucked his brains out! I would have been crazy not to take advantage of the power that gave me. Besides, I didn’t want to deprive my little man of the joy of becoming even more hung up on me than he was already.

So I started doing little things like grabbing his cock and telling him that from now on it belonged exclusively to me. Guys dig hearing that stuff, especially if they’re nuts about you. And with Lewis I made it real serious, looking deep into his blue eyes and then watching his cock, which I had sucked dry five minutes before, stiffen to attention in my hand. Talk about instant obedience!

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