Sweet Tastes of Summer

Sweet Tastes of Summer

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I always enjoy the last warm days of summer knowing that the nights of sleeping totally naked are precious, numbered and coming to a close. Soon the cold weather will force my husband and me to bundle up each night before bed. So it is with a heightened sensitivity to the significance of the moment that I savor each of the still-warm September mornings, seizing all of the erotic opportunities that come with the freedom of nudity. While there is always pleasure in cuddling up with your husband to keep warm during the winter months, for me it doesn’t match the charged, fresh feeling of waking up completely naked in the summer light next to a man with an erection.

My husband, Scott, and I are still young newlyweds, and virtually no morning passes where he doesn’t wake up with a nice inviting hard-on for me to suck and play with. During the past summer months, I’ve gotten accustomed to tickling his cock with my tongue just moments after I wake up. It is such an immediate reaction, so natural. In fact, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sucking Scott’s cock while he’s still asleep, using the pressure of my mouth to gradually bring him out of his sleep.

I remember the excitement I felt the first time I took his cock in my mouth while he was still sleeping. I woke up early one Saturday morning. When I rolled over, I saw Scott lying flat on his back with his cock straining toward his navel. It looked so delicious just resting there, hard, on his belly. It would be a shame to let this healthy erection go unattended, I thought. So I bent down and quietly slid my tongue over his smooth cockhead, wondering how long it would take him to realize what I was doing.

I carefully circled the tip of his cock with my tongue and lightly continued down his thick shaft. I felt his stomach quiver slightly as I reached his balls, and I looked up to see that his eyes were still closed. I giggled at my own mischievousness.

I sucked his balls into my mouth and started gently massaging his cock with my hand. I knew that Scott always enjoyed this when he was awake, so I wondered if he would enjoy it just as much in his sleep.

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