Swappers' Life Style

Swappers' Life Style

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Over the past two years my husband and I have discovered that mate-swapping is highly popular, and we have become involved in it ourselves — something we never dreamt could happen, since we are so horny for each other. Actually, we got into the scene in a way that was somewhat accidental, but we now think that anything a gal and guy do is better if they do it doubled. Here’s our story:

I’m twenty-eight and my husband, Steve, is twenty-nine. We have been married eight years and our sex life could not be better. Several years ago, when I had an abortion my tubes were tied; and about that time Steve had a vasectomy, as have several of our friends. We grew up in the same town in a big Western state and attended a consolidated high school consisting of about 800 kids from all over the county. There wasn’t much real sex among the student body, but practically everybody indulged in mutual masturbation, heavy petting, and finger-fucking.

Like all of my girlfriends, I got into this kind of sexual fun at age fourteen. My sister, who was sixteen, told me that our parents really approved of this kind of “sex,” since it prevented pregnancy. At first, I didn’t believe it, but then I found out that their approval was part of the “community standard” that prevailed in all our homes. Consequently, we kids masturbated each other, and ourselves in between times, in a kind of frenzied mass orgy.

Since this form of sex was so prevalent and open, two couples or more would not hesitate to indulge in finger-fun while we were in the same room or car. We all got to be very expert, and I would have orgasms with practically every boy I went with even before he ejaculated. This was the big thing in my teen years and I mention it only to show how it influenced my later sex life. By the time I graduated at eighteen, I had only screwed about ten fellows a few times each, but I was masturbating or getting masturbated at least once a night, and often more, and always had an orgasm!

After high school I found out that beating meat was considered kid stuff, so I became more active sexually. As a schoolgirl and a single I never got into fellatio. Much as I loved playing with cocks in practically every other way, it didn’t seem to turn me on. But I had begun to get “educated,” and when Steve and I went on our honeymoon I surprised both myself and him by giving him a passionate blowjob. We both love this, but fucking has always been our biggest item, along with my masturbation. He likes masturbating me too — and likes me to give him a hand job — but we both agree it’s more fun for us when he is inside my vagina.

About three years ago Steve got a job which required that he travel about one week every two months. We were both unhappy about it but remained faithful to each other by masturbating. I had a penis-shaped vibrator with which to pleasure myself, and I had developed its use into a satisfying and healthy habit over the years. When Steve came home, we’d spend two days in bed making up for lost time.

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