Summer Bungalow

Summer Bungalow

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My wife and I have had a very happy and healthy marriage for ten years now. Marlene is a beautiful, bountiful brunette, and she’s always hot and ready for love. Last summer we decided to rent a summer bungalow on the shore. It’s a quaint little place and for two weeks a month we enjoyed our secluded spot on the beach. After that, my wife and I could only use our bungalow on weekends — our jobs only allowed us each two weeks vacation.

One night, in our apartment in the city, Marlene and I were having a hot and heavy session on the couch. During foreplay she expressed a desire for some young man at her office. Instead of arousing anger, her request brought out the horniness in me, and our lovemaking that night was intense and satisfying.

Afterward, Marlene and I talked and decided that we could both have our fun at the beach cottage. Marlene was ecstatic, and I was curious as to what this decision would bring.

The following Friday, Marlene’s boss was working on a project and needed her help exclusively. She called me, disappointed, and said that she would not be able to drive up early as intended. Marlene told me to go ahead. She’d take a late train and I would pick her up when she arrived.

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