Star Magic

Star Magic

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An outrageously uninhibited porn star who loves to fuck and flash makes her biggest fan’s dream come true when she agrees to become his wife.

To tell the truth, the first time I laid eyes on my future wife, she was feverishly sucking a cock that must have been nine inches long while, simultaneously, another cock was churning in her pussy. I was sitting in the back row of a Times Square movie house, watching a triple-x-rated movie and jerking off underneath my overcoat, which was folded over my lap. I had been making the rounds of employment agencies that day and had ducked into a porno theater to perk up my spirits. Little did I know that the woman dominating the screen, a beautiful blonde with large breasts and a nice round ass, would be the woman I’d marry.

I sat there in my three-piece suit, vigorously pumping my cock, as I watched this actress fucking with inferno intensity. The scene ended with the two male actors spraying their copious ejaculate all over her face and ass. She scooped it up with her long-nailed fingers and swallowed it with evident pleasure. This lady was really into her role, a professional exhibitionist. I came in my fist and wiped it up with my hanky, hoping I wasn’t too obvious in my ardor. I looked around and realized that in the entire theater there were only about five other guys, who couldn’t have cared less.

Even though I had just enjoyed a powerful orgasm, I stayed rooted to my seat, hoping that this dreamboat would reappear on the screen. She did ¾ in a girl-girl scene that set new standards for cinematic cunnilingus. I watched her naked, writhing form with a concentration normally associated with brain surgeons, my jaw slack, my cock revived to iron-bar stiffness.

I sat through the movie once more and caught the actress’ name, which I won’t divulge here because she leads a double life. I found that out when I met her in the flesh at a wedding in Alabama, of all places. My best buddy from college was getting married, and I was the best man. The wedding was one of those old-fashioned affairs thrown by a respectable old southern family. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that the maid of honor was my favorite porn actress. It turned out that she was a sister of the bride, and it was clear that no one in her family knew about her occupation.

It was, however, electrically apparent to me. Over and over during the service, I leaned out of the line to gaze over at the bride’s side, sure that I had it wrong. But this was the one, the star of all my wet dreams; and after the service, she proceeded back down the aisle on my arm. It was thrilling.

During the reception, I managed to arrange a moment alone with her. She introduced herself as Christie. “Ah, so that’s your real name,” I said. She looked alarmed. “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. Let me just say that you are my favorite actress, bar none. I’ve got every one of your movies in my private collection. I’m your biggest fan.”

Christie didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she motioned me over to a secluded area.

“You won’t tell anyone?"

“Why should I?” I asked.

“Good,” she exhaled. “I’ve managed to keep it a secret. Nobody here would be caught dead watching a porn movie. Except, of course, the best man.” She smiled, her eyes bright with mischief.

“So why do you do it, if you’re so afraid of being found out? You obviously don’t need the money.”

“No, I don’t. I’ve got a trust fund that takes care of me. I do it because I love it. Believe it or not, nothing makes me more excited than fucking guys in front of the camera.” Her casual use of the expletive in such a refined atmosphere threw me off guard. “So you’re a big fan, eh, Cliff? Well, care to experience a little star magic?”

Here I was with my fantasy woman, and she was propositioning me. I couldn’t believe it. Christie laughed at my embarrassment and dragged me by the elbow to the parking lot. She led me to her car, a white Cadillac. We tumbled into the back seat, the taffeta skirt of her dress tickling my nose. My pants were around my ankles in a flash. Her red fingernails were dancing up and down the length of my cock, toying with my balls and caressing the inner surface of my thighs. Her tongue performed an agile dance around the tip of my cock. I practically came right then, I was so thrilled by my fantasy finally coming true.

Christie just giggled and easily sucked my length right down to the root. She expertly massaged my sac as she Hoovered my cock like the pro that she was. My hands started roaming over the raspberry taffeta and managed to get hold of one of her voluptuous breasts. With a little maneuvering, I had her tits free of her dress and began to massage her nipples, making her tiny knobs erect.

“Yes,” she said huskily as she lifted her mouth off my cock. “Let’s fuck!” She moved back on the seat, pulling up her rustling bridesmaid’s skirts and pulling down her panties. As I prepared to enter her, I realized that we were still in the parking lot and that a few people were walking around.

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