Speaking Up In Bed

Speaking Up In Bed

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I am thirty-one, and my wife is twenty-seven. Marcy had a strict religious upbringing, which I think helps explain, at least in part, the thrill she derives from talking dirty in bed. /p>

For example, I love to eat my wife’s pussy while she says things like “Eat my hot cunt, babe” and “Make my juices flow for you, lover.” It really turns me on to hear this from my outwardly reserved and proper wife.

After she’s come, I throw her legs up onto my shoulders and sink my hard cock into her sopping-wet pussy. Now she really lets loose, talking almost nonstop as I fuck her. She’ll say things like “Fuck your slut” and “Use me for your lust” and “Fuck this bitch.”

I encourage Marcy, of course, by asking her questions I know will elicit dirty responses. I’ll ask her if she’s my sex slave, or if she likes my hard cock inside her. She’s always quick with the answer, telling me exactly how she feels and what she wants me to do to her.

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