Primal Punishment

Primal Punishment

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Grace snapped at me for the third time since I’d been home.

I handed her the pen she requested and tried to keep my calm. She’d had a bad day, but so had I. The only thing that distracted me from her curtness was the fact that she wore my favorite dress, a form-fitting, wrap dress in deep teal. It tied around her small waist and accented her amazing tits.

“Rough day, sweetheart?” I tried.

She shook her head, lips pressed together tightly. She looked far beyond annoyed as she attempted to clear the dining-room table. Our dinner was cooking in the oven and she wanted to sit and eat “like civilized people.” Problem was, the table was full of clutter from our busy week.

She bent over to grab a bag off the chair and I got a great shot of her round, firm ass in that dress. “We really have to stop leaving our shit everywhere,” she said, thrusting the bag at me. I took it and tried not to smile. If I was amused, it would only piss her off more.

I moved another bag perched at the end and she said, “Leave it. I’ll get it!”

The table was Grace’s trigger. She liked it neat and orderly. The rest of the house could be caving in as long as the dining-room table appeared pristine and orderly.

I snagged her waving arm, my fingers closing around her thin wrist, and gave her just enough pressure to halt her temper tantrum.

Her blue eyes widened and her mouth pursed in a lovely “O” of surprise, a dick-sucking “O” if ever there was one.

I reeled her in, tugging her to me, and yanked her flush against my body. “Grace?”

She opened her mouth, but no sound emerged until finally she managed a “Yes?”

“Stop behaving like a brat, or I will treat you like a brat.”

I laid a single blow down on her ass cheek and felt it rumble through her body. The breath rushed out of her and she stared at me.

“It’s frustrating me,” she said.

“I know.”

“And you don’t care.”

“I do — ” I attempted. I wanted to explain we’d both had a busy week and that’s when the clutter tended to gather on her precious table. But she was having none of it.

“No, you don’t! You say you do, but — ”

I cut her off. I turned her quickly so she had to throw her hands out in front of her, bracing herself against the table.

I didn’t tell her to count or ask her to apologize or even encourage her to talk. I simple started spanking her. Right over her fashionable teal dress.

I alternated blows, not holding back. Her luscious ass bounced with every blow, and she cried out in outrage more than pain.

“I don’t think this is working,” I growled. I knew the roughness in my voice would put goosebumps along her skin and make those amazing pink nipples turn to stone.

I reached around and found the tie and yanked it. The bow unfurled and the dress sagged. I peeled it back and pulled it off. I dropped it on the table in front of her just to hear her hiss with frustration. I slid my teeth down the nape of her neck, nibbling at her. I slowly helped her free of her bra. When I reached around and palmed those amazing tits, her nipples were hard and pointed against my skin. I squeezed and heard her moan. It sounded begrudging but genuine.

She was grinding her plump ass against me. My cock stiffened instantly. I’d get there eventually, but I wasn’t done delivering her punishment.

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