Party with a Dommissive

Party with a Dommissive

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It was their first private BDSM party, but surely it wouldn’t be their last

My boyfriend Jake and I had visited several BDSM clubs over the past year or so, but this was our first time attending this kind of party at a private residence. A friend of ours had gotten us an invitation, and from what he told us about the things that went on there, we agreed that we just had to check it out.

We were interested in finding people to play with, but we were kind of particular. The thing was that while Jake is a no-holds-barred dom, I consider myself more of a “dommissive” — I like to switch roles, depending on my mood. This night I hoped to find someone to submit to me, while my boyfriend topped me. It may sound complicated, but it damn sure works for us.

The house was located in a well-to-do area, and turned out to be a small mansion, set well back from the street. As we pulled up to the door we were met by a valet, who parked our car somewhere on the property. Inside, we were immediately met and welcomed by Desiree, the hostess. She was dark-haired and sultry looking, voluptuous and very friendly. She asked us if we’d like a drink, and had someone take our order before taking us on a tour of the house.

The tour ended at what she called the playroom, a huge, dimly lit space with all kinds of equipment, some of it already in use. A number of couples and several threesomes were scattered around, busily engaged in various activities.

In one corner of the room I saw a man bent over a wooden horse, writhing in ecstasy as his mistress spanked his bare ass and thighs with a wooden cane. From the looks of his massive erection, he was enjoying it thoroughly. Not far from them, a man dressed like a college professor sat on a stool. A blonde girl in a parochial school uniform was bent over his knee, and he was alternately spanking her with an old-fashioned hairbrush and fucking her ass and pussy with a large penis-shaped dildo.

On one side of the room were several straight chairs, attached to a brick wall. Two female dominants stood on either side of a third woman, who was chained to one of the chairs. She was blindfolded, and wore nipple clamps and a clit stimulator. One of the dommes was kissing her passionately, while the other dropped hot wax on her torso.

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