Panty Nut

Panty Nut

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He’s A Panty Nut, She’s Into Sexy Undies — It’s a Match Made In Heaven

Reading a recent issue of Variations made my panties more than a little moist. It seems that more and more letters are about men (and women) being attracted to lingerie, particularly panties. Let me tell you my story:

I’m twenty-seven, five-feet-six and a slim 110 pounds. Jerry, my husband of two years, is a panty nut, and as I’m a sensual lingerie lover, we were made for each other. I am a nurse in a large hospital where Jerry is an x-ray technician.

Jerry says that what attracted him to me was my VPL-that is, my visible panty line-under my tight uniform. He told me after we began dating that behind my back, all the men were staring at my tight behind. Jerry was the one who said that he would crawl on his knees over broken glass just to kiss my ass. I blushed at his crude description of his feelings; however, I secretly crave the attention men give my body.

I had plenty of dates with hunks, but I went no further than heavy petting and oral sex. I gave my dates peeks at my breasts through lacy bras, at my pussy under silky panties. I just love to have my pussy kissed and licked through my panties, and I had no trouble getting the boys to do it just by teasing and acting demure. I’d wear tight pants and slacks that allowed my tight panties to hug my bottom seductively. I’d get so horny from thinking how the guys drooled over my body that by day’s end, my panties would be soaked.

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