On the Road Again

On the Road Again

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I would like to relate to you one of the most exciting road trips I’ve ever experienced.

After a long week on the road, I desperately needed some relaxation. I decided that a shopping spree would be just the thing to lift my spirits. Besides, I needed something appropriate to wear on the trip home. Certainly, the business suits I’d worn all week wouldn’t attract the attention I so dearly desired.

In just a few short hours, I was back in my room, changing into a beautiful angora sweater and a sexy leather miniskirt. After carefully applying my sexy makeup and my twoinch, flame-red nails, I fluffed out my blonde hair to its fullest. As I gazed into the full-length mirror, I could hardly control my lust. I called the bellboy to take my luggage to my car. Much to my delight, he was a handsome young man, and as I opened the door for him, he coyly brushed his hand across my tightly packed buns.

When he returned for his tip, I couldn’t help but notice that his cock was bulging in his uniform. I loved it! I gingerly squeezed his manhood through his uniform and asked him if I could tip him with a blowjob. He wasted no time at all and pulled out a nice seven-inch boner. In a flash I was on my knees and looking at what I needed so badly, so desperately.

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