Messy Devotion

Messy Devotion

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Wet-and-messy devotees enjoy a sexy, sloppy Friday night.

I'd worked hard, and the weekend was finally upon us. I was so relieved to be embarking on the long three-day weekend ahead.

Jimmy came in late from work and found me staring inside the refrigerator, trying desperately to figure out what to make for dinner.

He kissed the back of my neck, rubbing it. "How about we order in?"

I released a sigh. "That sounds good. Really good."

I was a bit puzzled when he nodded and said "done" but then reached past me to grab a bottle of ketchup from the door of the fridge.

I barely had time to register the sound of it being squeezed as he squirted cold ketchup down the back of my neck.

I gasped from the chill, but the feel of viscous liquid slithering down my neck did exactly what it always did. Turned me on in the blink of an eye.

He put the ketchup on the counter and thrust a hand down into the yoga pants I'd just pulled on ten minutes before. His fingers parted my nether lips, stroked my clit, and plunged inside me.

"Just as I thought. Time to play," he said.

He stripped me of my clothes as I stood there focusing on the warming ketchup dripping down between my shoulder blades. He grabbed the bottle again, and I held my breath as he gave it a hearty squeeze and a rain of red oozed over me.

Jimmy grabbed my hips and kissed me.

"Your shirt."

"Fuck my shirt." He laughed, then stepped back to pull off his pants, boxers, shoes and socks. His tie was already ruined, but he took that off, too.

"Go on," he said. "Touch yourself."

I leaned back against the counter and put my hand between my legs. My fingers were still clean and cool as they slid along my nether lips and parted their plumpness to find my clitoris. I rubbed it gently at first, wanting to draw out the pleasure. His foot skidded through a smear of ketchup, and I let out a moan.

Jimmy opened the fridge door. "Let's see — " he mused. He kept his back to me. When he finally turned, I was on the verge of getting myself off. The chocolate syrup stream hit me on the side of the face, and the sugary syrup trickled down my neck, over my breasts. Cool and thick, it inched along my nipple. I gasped from the temperature change and ran my fingers across my body, smearing the two colors — red and brown — the slippery sensation causing an increase in my heartbeat. My pulse thumped heartily in my wet cunt and my temples.

"Not done." Jimmy grinned, and my stomach bottomed out. If he grabbed me and fucked me right there in the middle of the mess, I'd be good to go. However, he seemed to be enjoying wrecking the kitchen and messing us up almost as much as I was.

My fingers strayed back to my pussy. I stroked softly. I could easily come if I let myself, but I wasn't ready. I was having too much fun. I was too turned on.

"Close your eyes," he said.

I didn't even hesitate. My eyelids drifted shut, and I found I was holding my breath. Cold, thick, somewhat dry — He smeared something up my arms, down my spine, down the backs of my thighs and they trembled.

"What is it?" he asked, challenging me to guess.

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