It's No Fluke

It's No Fluke

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Summer had arrived and with it the question of where to go on our vacation. My husband, an avid fisherman, wanted to test his new rod at a lake a fellow enthusiast had told him was loaded with trout. I had in mind a lovely, lazy week at the seashore working on my tan.

“What am I going to do the whole time you’re fishing?” I wanted to know. “I’ll be bored silly.”

“And I’ll go crazy if I have to spend more than a day at the shore,” Bobby countered.

What to do? Taking separate vacations was a solution, but one neither of us liked. We were still going at it a week before we were scheduled to start our vacations, and then Bobby came home with a sly grin on his face and what he said was the answer to our problem.

“Kenny and Lucy would like to go with us,” he informed me over dinner.

“Go where?” I asked suspiciously. “To the mountains. Fishing. With Lucy for company, you won’t be bored, babe. And of course there’s Kenny…” My husband let his voice trail off as he watched a blush come to my cheeks.

Kenny. He was my husband’s best friend — and my fantasy lover. Bobby knew of my intense attraction to Kenny and didn’t mind at all. In fact, he often used it to his advantage, getting me all worked up in bed by describing the deliciously naughty things Kenny would do to me if ever we got together. I often wondered if my husband actually wanted to see me with his best friend, until the night he confessed to harboring a lust for Lucy and wondered aloud if we should pursue our passions. “I mean, together — you know, the four of us in the same room,” he explained. “It could be really special, babe.”

“… This could be our opportunity,” Bobby was saying now. “The four of us up there in that isolated God, I’m getting hot just thinking about it.”

I was too. All of a sudden, a week in the mountains didn’t sound bad at all. And rather than being jealous, I found myself savoring the thought of my husband with Lucy, fucking her good, just as he got a thrill from imagining me with Kenny. That night Bobby and I had really great sex, and a week later, we set off with Kenny and Lucy for the mountains.

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