In the Wind

In the Wind

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Being in the outdoors has always made me feel a little wild.

My husband has never understood why it brings out the freak in me, but he’s learned to stop questioning it and just takes me to our cabin regularly. Sitting by the campfire, sipping a cold beer is essentially foreplay for me. The darkness of the woods, the sounds of nature around us, and the crisp feel of fresh air make me want to let go of all my inhibitions and become a total animal.

The last time we went out to our cabin for the weekend, we were sitting by the fire, beginning to feel the first chill of night when my husband turned to me and said, “Take your clothes off. I want to see my woman naked in the firelight.”

There wasn’t always a kinky element to this for us, but I got a special thrill when he ordered me around and treated me like his bitch. I reached down to unlace my boots, quickly stripping the rest of my clothes off until I was standing there completely naked. My nipples hardened when the cool evening breeze brushed over me, but the warmth of the fire glowed against my skin. The look in my husband’s eyes as he looked me up and down warmed me from the inside. I knew his dick was already hard.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered, taking a deep swig of his beer.

I slid my hand across my hard nipples, stoking and pinching them gently, making them even harder. Then I worked my way down to my pussy, parting my lips slightly to wet my fingertips before circling back up to rub lazy circles around my clit.

He let me keep going for long moments, not saying anything, but watching me intently with firelight reflecting in his eyes. When I thought I was going to come, I tilted my head up, marveling at the stars glowing overhead, the only other witnesses to my hedonism. Just as I was about to orgasm, he told me to stop.

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