Female Positioning

Female Positioning

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I only recently discovered your fine magazine, and I can’t sing your praises enough!

I have worked hard and conscientiously over the last several years to accept my feelings about sex and rid myself of the inhibitions and guilt instilled in me by my parents. I love sex, I love bodies, I love sharing with other people. Your magazine reinforces my desires. Each issue I’ve read has sparked my imagination and given me all sorts of new ideas to think about.

I was stimulated to write to you because of the recent letter concerning female masturbation. I felt very guilty when I began masturbating at the age of twenty (I’m twenty-six now, by the way), but I thoroughly enjoy it now. I love masturbating in many different positions and places. I enjoy using my fingers, a dildo, a massager, carrots, candles, cucumbers, pillows, the bed sheets, and any other item that strikes my fancy at the time. It excites me to sit on the floor in front of a full length mirror and watch while I insert different items into myself. I have very sensitive nipples, and I enjoy rubbing them against the wall mirror while in a standing position. I especially enjoy manipulating my nipples and clitoris after I have applied a small amount of body lotion or baby oil to each area.

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