Closing Early

Closing Early

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“You want your usual tea and lemonade?”

Scott asked. He called me by name and my heart leapt. My pussy followed suit less than a beat later. I had been crushing on this man for a while. Big time.

I worked two doors down at the hair salon and, given my love of all things caffeinated, I saw and coveted Scott daily.

“Yes, please.”

I hadn’t. Not really. It was cold as balls so I wanted a salted caramel latte, but who was I to argue when a heartbreakingly handsome man calls you by name and knows your drink?

I worked two doors down and visited the café often.

I leaned against the chilly window and watched him work. Short brown hair, tattooed muscled forearms. I had a thing for forearms and Scott’s were magnificent.

I watched the snow and when he turned toward me, genius that I am, I said, “Boy, it’s really coming down out there.”

Inside, I wanted to die but I did my best to keep a stupid smile on my face. Apparently, when aroused, my brain shuts down completely.

He grinned at me and pushed his beanie back a bit. “Yes, it is. It’s why we have the place to ourselves.”

It was only then that I realized we were utterly alone. I was used to the place being a bit light on very cold evenings when it got dark earlier, but not this light.

“Everyone’s afraid of snow?”

He popped out from behind the counter and started to draw the blinds down the large plate-glass windows.

“Guess so.”

My heart picked up speed as I watched him.

“Closing early?”

“Closing the shades early. It’ll help keep the cold out.” When he passed me to get at the other window, his arm brushed my arm. I had a moment where I thought I’d swoon like some goofy movie heroine.

“Sorry,” he said.

I cleared my throat. “Don’t be.” I sounded a bit too eager so I added, “No worries.” And that just sounded dumb.

“So, do you have any interest in me flipping the sign to CLOSED?” he said nonchalantly over his shoulder.

My brain stuttered over the question. “Sorry?”

“I’d like to put the CLOSED sign up.” He finally turned and faced me fully. “So we could be alone a while. I assume this is your about to go home tea? You don’t have to return to work.”

I licked my lips. He was so close I could see the hazel flecks in his otherwise blue eyes.

“I don’t,” I confirmed.

He closed the meager gap and grabbed ahold of my infinity scarf. “Okay if I kiss you?”

I nodded. I couldn’t remember how to form words. He tugged the scarf and me forward and planted one on me. First, it was gentle. Then he deepened the kiss and I gasped against his mouth. How a simple kiss shot straight to my cunt, I had no idea. But it did. I found myself wet and on the verge of simply begging him to fuck me. I’d imagined it more times than I could count.

Scott wound the scarf around his fist and anchored me. He licked my lower lips and then my top lip. He teased the very tip of my tongue with his. What felt like a mild electric shock buzzed through me.

He took my hand and put it against the front of his black jeans. His cock pressed hard and long against the zipper.

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