Celebration for Three

Celebration for Three

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For this randy couple, an anniversary of their very first threesome is the perfect time to hook up with a third in a brand-new way.

On a cold, gray afternoon in December, my husband was out on the patio grilling steaks for dinner. Tyler’s defiance of the weather didn’t surprise me; he has a rebellious streak that leads him to eschew all things conventional. That’s what opened the door to our first threesome — an event that was uppermost on my mind as I brought another steak out to Tyler.

“Better cook one more,” I said, handing the plate to him.

“Oh? Are we expecting someone?”

“Yep. A special guest. For a special day.” I couldn’t keep the tremor of excitement out of my voice.

“Uh-oh,” Tyler said, looking a bit anxious. “What am I forgetting?”

I grinned. “A five-year anniversary.”

“A five-year — ” It only took him a second. Then a smile spread slowly across his handsome face. “Of course! Our first threesome.”

“That’s right,” I said. “Five years ago today.”

“Have you been scheming some plan to celebrate this anniversary?” He already knew the answer to that, though. Putting the third steak on the grill, he put the question another way. “Who is this for?”

I made him wait a beat, then dropped it on him. “Audrey.”

Tyler’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re kidding!”

I laughed and said, “I’m quite serious.”

Audrey works in Tyler’s bicycle shop. She’s twenty-three, blonde and very pretty, with a lovely figure. I didn’t have to guess whether my husband would be interested in inviting Audrey into our bed.

“Let me get this straight,” Tyler said. “She told you she’s down with this? A threesome with us?”

“Yes.” I reached up and stroked his jaw affectionately. “Audrey and I have gotten to know each other better than you realize. And I’ve seen the way she looks at you. That girl thinks you’re hot. Remember last week, when I dropped by the store to invite her to lunch? I brought it up then. She went for it at once.”

Tyler whistled. He flipped the steaks over, then turned back to me with a big grin. “Well, you’ve demonstrated one more of the many things I love about you,” he said. “You’re not only beautiful and smart, you’re incredibly confident.”

“Or shamelessly bold.”

He took my chin in his hand and pressed his lips to mine. I could feel his excitement in the kiss. Then he stood back and shook his head, chuckling. “You and Audrey and me — tonight! I’m getting an erection just thinking about it.” There was a gleam of curiosity in his eye as he added, “You’ve never been interested in a threesome with a woman before.”

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