Bossy Women

Bossy Women

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Let me begin by saying that I believe only about 75 percent of the letters printed in your magazine. My story is 100 percent true and contains no exaggerations. I’m a thirty-five-year-old divorced man who appreciates the kinkier things in sex. While most men admire slender ladies, I prefer larger women with beautifully rounded asses. That’s not to say I like obese women, just those who are ten to twenty pounds overweight, with the bulk of their weight in their hips.

I absolutely adore paying homage to a woman’s pussy and ass. I actually love being subservient to bossy, aggressive females who bury my head in their crotches while they do their nails or enjoy a smoke. I’ve gotten braver in my pursuit of these women since my divorce and have had some pretty good success.

My first big, bossy woman was found in a kinky newspaper ad which I answered after much thought. Her name was Marlene, a five-feet-seven-inch woman with black hair, a dark complexion, wide brown eyes, wide hips and a fine, round ass. I went to her town house and entered through a side entrance. This beauty was dressed in a black slit dress with black fishnet stockings. The room was very dimly lit, heightening the mood.

I came in and we had a few drinks. She was feeling pretty randy, I guess, when she grabbed hold of my hand and placed it between her legs. We had been talking awhile, and I told her how I liked to be used by women. She massaged her cunt with my fingers until they were wet. Then she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her lips, sucked each one, then brought her mouth close to mine. I thought she was going to smile — but she didn’t.

She stood up in front of me and pushed my head down so I was forced to kneel in front of her. She let her dress fall to the floor and I noticed she was wearing only garters, with her pussy staring me in the face. I must admit I was a little scared, because I had never encountered such an aggressive woman.

I shied away from her pussy as she tried to position my head properly. She immediately flung me backward onto the floor. She told me that if I was serious, I’d better prove it right this minute or leave. She ordered me to undress, shredding every piece of my clothing. She then proceeded to rub her high-heeled shoes on my ass and legs as I knelt in front of her. She pushed me flat on my back and straddled my face, her knees locking me under her. I ate her pussy for all I was worth, licking her clit, sucking her juices, while all the time she was grinding her sopping crotch into my face.

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