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Artful Gal

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The love of my life, Connie, is totally uninhibited, sexually, verbally and any other way there is to be uninhibited. One night during some great love-making, she asked me if I had ever given thought to what a woman felt when a hard cock was driving inside her. I admitted to Connie that it had never crossed my mind. She asked me if I would be open to some new twists in our lovemaking. As sweet as Connie’s pussy is, I definitely wasn’t saying no.

She led me into the bathroom, turned on the water in the tub, filled it with bubble bath and, pointing, said, “Get in, my little darling.” She bathed me, shaving off my chest, underarm and leg hair. I wasn’t exactly sure what was coming next, but this was so exciting that I couldn’t stop. After toweling me dry, Connie sprinkled perfume on my neck and calves. She led me to her bedroom and began taking clothes from her dresser and closet.

First she attached a black garter belt around my waist. She and I are both small, so the fit was no problem. She pulled seamed hose up my freshly shaved legs and hooked them to the garter clips. The feel was terrific and my pecker began to stir. Next she had me step into a pair of stretchy black lace panties, Now my cock was beginning to stand.

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