10 Plus a Dime

10 Plus a Dime

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My wife Sara and I have been together for about twelve years now. Ten years ago we had our first threesome, and that’s when we met Raul, who became our friend and now fucks Sara whenever he wants to.

Sara, you see, is a complete sex-mad submissive slave, and she will fuck, suck and service anybody I want.

On her thirtieth birthday I organized a party for her at which she was gang-banged by ten guys, and just a couple of months ago I had an all-night poker party where she was fucked about twenty times by me and my friends.

Soon after that Raul and I decided to take Sara on a trip to Miami. As soon as we got in our hotel room we all got naked. (Sara never wears any clothes around the house anyway, so she’s always ready to be fucked.) Raul and Sara got it on right away, while I watched and recorded all the action. Then she started fucking herself with some of the dildos she’d brought along. At one point she had one in her pussy and another in her ass, while I fucked her mouth.

After I dumped my load all over her face, we decided to order room service, as all that fucking was making us hungry. Fifteen or twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door, and Sara went to answer it, still naked, and with a dildo in each hole and a dog collar around her neck. When she opened the door the waiter nearly dropped the tray he was carrying.

Sara, grinning, gestured for him to enter. The waiter, who couldn’t have been more than twenty, couldn’t take his eyes off her. As he watched, she walked over to me, got on her knees, took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and started sucking me, giving the boy the show of his life.

When he managed to put the tray on the table, I told him he could either have a tip or he could do anything he wanted to with my personal slave. There didn’t seem to be any doubt about which choice he would make. He looked like he couldn’t believe his luck.

I motioned to Sara to go over to the waiter, who still had a look of disbelief on his face. She crawled from me to him, and without having to be told what to do, she quickly opened his trousers and began sucking on his cock. He started moaning, but his dick didn’t get really hard at first; evidently he was nervous and self-conscious with Raul and me looking on. But after a few minutes of Sara doing her usual expert job, his cock got stiff as a board. As he got more confidence, he grabbed the back of her head and face-fucked her.

Sara took all he could give her, letting him take full advantage of her mouth and throat. Then his body tightened and he shoved his cock in her mouth up to the balls and he dumped his load down her throat while letting out a loud cry.

Sara stared to get up, but the waiter wasn’t finished. He might have had trouble getting started, but now it was as if his cock wouldn’t go down. He pushed Sara forward onto all fours, got down behind her, stuck his cock in her pussy and started fucking her as if he was losing his virginity. He fucked her nonstop for about twenty minutes, and all I could think was, God bless youth! Finally the his body went stiff again, and this time he removed his cock from her pussy and sprayed shot after shot of come all over her back.

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