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Made famous worldwide for its fearless approach to sexuality and its unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm and defining their own identity, PENTHOUSE has the cache many brands have only dreamed of attaining. Touted as the greatest adult magazine in history, it’s delivery of sex, style and scandal evoked loyalty from its readers. At the crossroads of art and sex, presenting aspirational lifestyle elements along with gorgeous naughty pictorials, PENTHOUSE has maintained its notoriety for fifty years. It’s not only remained as the showcase for the most beautiful women in the world, but its strong roots have allowed the brand to endure as a relevant and influential resource to guide consumers to what the truly want – a desirable lifestyle – however they chose to define it.

Unlock The Lifestyle

PENTHOUSE is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Drawing on its bold identity, the name generates excitement from its unparalleled history of sophisticated entertainment. PENTHOUSE doesn’t just have readers – PENTHOUSE has fans!

In pursuit of pleasure and preference

The luxury of having it all but the desire to strive for more. It’s the mentality of attaining the ultimate life fulfillment that separates our readers from the rest of the pack. Our customers have had a taste of Life on Top and they want more!

The Guest List

As a brand that represents freedom and fantasy, lifestyle truly comes into play when talking about our target market. Our demographic appreciates brands that make them feel good and represent them well. They have great taste and are always striving for the best.


Penthouse International Editions


Brand Recognition

Penthouse is one of the most recognized brands in the world! The name generates excitement and has an unparalleled history of sophisticated adult entertainment. Penthouse doesn’t just have readers – Penthouse has fans!

Leading Men's Magazine

Penthouse has spent nearly 45 years as one of the top men’s newsstand publications worldwide. No matter where in the world your publishing company is located, the local readers have heard of Penthouse magazine and know it for providing quality and entertaining magazines.

Relevant Content

Penthouse magazine features more than erotic photography. It includes articles covering top-of-the-line gear and gadgets; the coolest new cars motorcycles and accessories; the best spirits and mixed drinks; and award winning erotic fiction. Plus, it offer real world advice on women and sex from our world famous Penthouse Pets and rock and roll legend, Dave Navarro.


Penthouse’s 50th Anniversary offers a unique opportunity to pair our iconic brand with exciting products, limited edition capsule collection and collector’s items all featuring the photography and models which have been our brand stamp for so many years.

Universal Appeal

The PENTHOUSE lifestyle is recognized across the world by young and old, men and women…it’s an international brand associated with aspiring to live a desirable lifestyle!

Design Details

PENTHOUSE products are creative – reflecting the hottest new trends and most current designs with instant brand recognition at the consumer level and carrying on the magazine’s stylish legacy!

Perfect Partnerships

Internationally known Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana created a Spring/Summer collection featuring our iconic covers while the white hot MMA brand, TapouT, collaborated with our designers on styles geared towards an energetic youth. Our most recent high profile license is with celeb-favorite and German fashion designer, Philipp Plein. His artistic approach resulted in edgy men’s and women’s t-shirts retailing for more than $328 USD!


Penthouse Clubs

Penthouse Clubs are the premier gentlemen’s clubs in North America and throughout the world. Located in some of the most exciting cities – New York, Paris, San Francisco and Moscow - each club is unique, though unmistakably Penthouse. Our Clubs are known for restaurants serving delicious food by award-winning chefs, a seductive and sophisticated atmosphere and most importantly, the beautiful Key Girls providing quality entertainment.

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